Beauty Secrets Hair Stylists Don’t Want You to Know

Ever wanted to achieve great hair without breaking the bank? Well, look no further. We brought these secrets out of the vault for your eyes only. Don’t let your stylist know about them!

1. The Blowout and Modern Curl

You don’t have to become a stylist to get great hair. Just learn the basics: the blowout and the modern curl. These simple techniques are the foundation for many hair styles and help bring out that bouncy, shiny magazine look everyone goes gaga for. Caution: you might make your friends jealous!

2.  You Really Can Color Your Hair at Home

Some people (and stylists) might have told you to avoid coloring your own hair like the plague, but this is simply not true. As long as you get a good quality coloring product, follow all the directions, and know what you’re doing, you can get great hair color at home without the salon price tag.

3. Great Hair Begins Inside…Not with Products

Obviously there’s no such thing as magic potions for perfect hair. You have to work at it. But if you don’t fancy the idea of sticking a million chemicals on your hair, incorporate a regimen of natural hair products and supplements. Over time you’ll get great results, and your hair will thank you!

Have these secrets worked for you? Let us know! And while you’re at it, check out our great hair products for men and women alike. Shh…It’s a secret!

Why is Dying Your Hair Bad for It?

If you dye your hair, you’re certainly not alone. In 2015, 75% of women stated they dye their hair. There are many reasons women do it, but one of the most common is to prevent their hair from turning gray. Other women dye their hair because they like having a new look and enjoy experimenting with different hair colors.

No matter what reason you give for dying your hair, one thing is for certain: dying your hair is damaging.

Why Is Hair Dye Bad?

Permanent hair dye contains damaging chemicals, such as ammonia and peroxide. Together, these chemicals help to bleach out the natural pigment of your hair. When this happens, your hair gets damaged and eventually your hair will lose its luster and start to easily break.

The chemicals used in hair dyes also strips away its protective lipid layer, which causes it to look and feel rough.

Repeated Dying Can Lead to Hair Loss

Another reason why hair dye is damaging the need for repeatedly dying your hair. Since the color doesn’t stay long, people often resort to dying their hair every few weeks, which dries out the hair and can cause hair loss.

If your hair is damaged from too much dying, try Hairessence to make your hair strong and healthy again. This all-natural formula doesn’t contain any chemicals. Instead, the Hairessence capsules are made with ingredients that will undo damage and reverse hair loss caused by dying it. You can also get our haircare guide absolutely free!

WARNING! Your Hair Might Need a Face-Lift – Do You Know the Signs?

Does it seem like your hair is always a mess no matter how many times you’ve tried hair treatments? It could need a serious facelift. Here are the signs, and what to do about it.

Sign #1: Split Ends

Take a piece of your hair and wrap it around a pencil or your finger. If split ends are sticking out of it, your hair is damaged from excessive heat and color treatments.

Sign #2: Dull Luster

If you feel like your hair isn’t as shiny or bouncy as it used to, you’re probably right. The dullness could be coming from hormonal imbalances, incorrect use of a product, or lack of nutrition.

Sign #3: Large Hair Loss

Have you ever brushed your hair and huge chunks of it came out? Your brush could be the culprit. Get a good quality brush that won’t pull or tear your hair out.

Other Signs Your Body is Telling You

Sometimes, signs of significant hair damage  or loss can indicate a bigger health issue. See what your body is telling you and take action. You may need to see a doctor, and don’t hesitate if you do so. You’ll be glad you did.

A number of quality FeelzGood products help bring damaged hair back to life. You can also get our Ultimate Haircare Guide absolutely free! Have questions or comments? Feel free to contact us! We’ll help you get your hair back. It’ll be good as new before you know it!

Your Full Guide to Preventing Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is annoying and sometimes downright upsetting. It happens when the overlapping scales covering the inner cuticle of a hair shaft fall apart, causing damage, frizz, and breakage. Fortunately, there are as many ways to prevent it as there are causes for it. Learn about them below.

Lifestyle Tips

A well-balanced diet plays a big role in healthy hair. Make sure you’re getting enough essential vitamins along with zinc, biotin, iron and folic acid. Nutritional supplements can help. Stress management is also a big factor in hair strength.

Hair Care Habits

There are lots of things you can do in your hair routine to prevent breakage. Don’t use super hot water in the shower, and apply conditioner each time. Always blot wet hair with a towel instead of rubbing, and comb it rather than brush it. When you do brush, use natural bristles. Take a break from all hot styling tools at least weekly. Stick to simple hairstyles that don’t require heavy treatments, and regularly trim your hair. Don’t wear tight hats unless you’re in the sun, and use real elastic hair ties instead of rubber bands.

Final Notes

Staying consistent with the suggested habits above will make a difference in preventing hair breakage. For more tips and tricks for preserving awesome hair, you can find our FREE Ultimate Haircare Guide and take a look at our Hairessence products. Thanks for reading!

7 Ways to Fight Postpartum Hair Loss

First-time moms often fear the stories they have heard about the dreaded postpartum hair loss. Experienced moms may be less fearful, but should still be equally interested to know that there are several effective, natural, home remedies for maintaining thick hair after giving birth. To fight postpartum hair loss, you may have to be willing to make some lifestyle choices that take adjusting to, but the overall positive effect they will have on you and your baby’s health is worth it.

In order to keep as much of your beautiful hair as possible, you’ll need to start making changes during (or even better yet, BEFORE) your pregnancy. This is because the simple explanation for postpartum hair loss is that it is caused by all of the extreme ups and downs of hormone levels your body experiences during and after pregnancy.

The same hormone fluctuations that are responsible for symptoms like cravings and mood swings are the ones that make your hair appear to grow like crazy during pregnancy and then fall out in what can feel like alarming amounts a few months postpartum.

So if you go into a pregnancy preparing your body for those fluctuations or start preparing during pregnancy, you can make the process easier on yourself and potentially really decrease the amount of postpartum hair loss you experience. But if you have already given birth and are looking for a solution for hair loss that is already in progress, don’t worry. There are still tons of remedies that can make a difference for you now.

One great easy remedy for preventing hair loss postpartum but also creating new growth as soon as possible is Feelz Good Hairessence All Natural Hair Growth Vitamin Formula, which is created with the perfect blend of vitamins and nutrients to support healthy hair, promote hair growth, and reduce hair loss.

Before we dive into more remedies though, let’s get the facts straight about postpartum hair loss, what it is, and what aspects we do and don’t have control over. As we mentioned, hormones are the main culprit in postpartum hair loss and actually, in hair health overall.

Our hair grows in three phases….

1. Anagen

This is the “active” phase during which hair grows. Cells are dividing and quickly producing a new hair, pushing any oil hair out. The main reason some people seem to never to be able to grow their hair out past a certain length is because they have a short growth cycle so old hair falls out before they can get any longer.

During pregnancy, your estrogen levels spike which in turn makes the Anagen phase last longer than usual – causing your hair to grow more and hold onto hairs longer than normal.

2. Catagen

This is just a short transitional phase in which growth stops and the hair gets ready to go into a resting phase before falling out.

3. Telogen

Telogen is the resting phase in which hairs have stopped growth and are still attached before falling out. Toward the end of pregnancy and after giving birth, your changing hormones will cause all of the hairs that stayed in the anagen phase (giving you thicker than usual hair) to go into telogen at once. This is ultimately what causes the postpartum hair loss. For most women, they are actually just going to end up with about the same hair thickness they had before pregnancy but it can feel alarming since so many more hairs are falling out at one time than usual.7 Ways to Fight Postpartum Hair Loss - image 6 Hair Loss and Growth Timeline Graph

So in fact, postpartum hair loss to an extent, is normal and nothing to worry about. But reports say that somewhere around 40% of women still experience even more hair loss than just those extra hairs falling out, leaving hair feeling and looking thin and frail.

Whatever category you fit in, we are here to tell you that you can help prevent this common issue and have thick, gorgeous hair growing back in no time. But it’s important to do your research and don’t fall for many of the common myths about hair loss that are created to scare women into falling back on solutions that aren’t necessary.


7 Ways to Fight Postpartum Hair Loss - image 5 Infographic Common Myths

If you’re ready to take a natural approach to dealing with or preventing postpartum hair loss, try these approaches we love…

Add in Protein to Prevent Hair Loss

7 Ways to Fight Postpartum Hair Loss

Our hair is actually made of a protein called keratin, so it stands to reason that having a diet rich in protein would help hair grow thicker and stronger. When our diets are not rich in complete proteins (those containing the full set of amino acids), our bodies send those nutrients to places they are needed most and not to something like hair, which isn’t a necessity to our bodies’ functioning.

In order to prevent hair loss and ensure that your body continues producing lots of new hair postpartum, be sure to eat a diet rich in healthy, complete proteins.

Supplement Biotin For Strong Hair

Possibly the most common remedy for hair issues of all kinds is biotin. If you have yet to hear about or try this B vitamin, your hair (along with your nails and skin) is in for a treat!

Research has shown that biotin can help improve hair growth and give it a thicker and fuller appearance. It’s the perfect remedy to take postpartum as it can help strengthen existing hair follicles (potentially prolonging the time before they fall out) and promote growth of new hair!

For a ready to go supplement that has biotin along with a mix of other great nutrients to support your hair getting back to normal or even better, try Feelz Good Hairessence All Natural Hair Growth Vitamin Formula.

Fight Hair Loss With Iron

Pregnancy and childbirth can cause a lot of imbalances in the body, both hormonal and nutritional, if not carefully monitored. A common deficiency among new moms is iron, which has been linked by research to hair loss. Supplementing with iron or adding more iron-rich foods like spinach or red meat into your diet during and after pregnancy may help reduce postpartum hair loss. But please note that if you are still pregnant or are nursing, you should always consult with your physician before adding in an iron supplement.

The safest and easiest way to get plenty of iron (as well as protein) is to follow a simple, balanced eating plan that includes lots of vegetables and healthy animal-based foods.

Prenatal Vitamins

Although the research on all of the natural remedies available for women dealing with postpartum hair loss hasn’t quite caught up yet, experts are starting to note that the way women care for their bodies during pregnancy can definitely have an impact. Since only around 50% of moms experience a noticeable amount of hair loss after giving birth, it goes to show that half of the women seem to be doing something right.

Some experts say that the prenatal vitamins many women take during pregnancy can help with hair health. That’s because those prenatal vitamins are packed full of the nutrients your body needs to help keep hormones balanced and make sure your body has leftover resources and energy for growing hair.

If you’ve already had your baby and you’re feeling like you’ve missed your opportunity, don’t be concerned. Prenatal vitamins are perfectly healthy to keep taking while nursing or after childbirth. And if you’re looking for a replacement supplement to support your body as you find your new normal, try Feelz Good Hairessence All Natural Hair Growth Vitamin Formula.

Try New Hairstyles

7 Ways to Fight Postpartum Hair Loss

It may not feel like the ideal solution but with a changing body, you may have to change up your old style. If you’ve lost a lot of hair and you’re doing your best to support its regrowth — your best solution in the short term is to find a hairstyle that makes hair appear thicker until more new hair can grow back.

Many women find that parting hair on the side makes it appear thicker. But you may also think about some other options like getting layers added to the appearance of volume or even using temporary hair extensions if your thinner hair has got you really down.

Eliminate Non-Baby Related Stress

7 Ways to Fight Postpartum Hair Loss

Being a new mom is stressful enough! No doubt you have your hands beyond full just trying to keep yourself and your new baby happy and healthy. You don’t need extra stress getting in the way. And believe it or not, stress is a known factor in hair loss and regrowth issues. So in order to give your body the chance to recover and start growing back some new hair, ask yourself if there’s anywhere you can eliminate some extra stress. Maybe there’s a project that needs to take the back burner for a few months while you find your new flow. Or maybe you promised yourself you’d use cloth diapers and it’s way more work than you realized. The wellbeing of you and your baby is all that matters right now, your body will thank you for the extra rest and relief by growing new, beautiful, luscious hair.

Use Oils to Keep Hair Growing

7 Ways to Fight Postpartum Hair Loss

Even if you’ve sustained a fair amount of hair loss already, one way to keep hair looking thick until it can grow back is by keeping the hair you do have strong and healthy. Oils are a wonderful, natural, and safe way to protect existing hair. Simply rub your favorite oil into your hair and let it sit for an hour or two before washing normally. Oils help seal hair follicles, locking protein and moisture in and helping prevent things like breaks and split ends. One study showed that coconut oil, in particular, was effective than other oils at locking moisture in hair.

During this time when you have so much change happening both in your body as well as in your lifestyle, you don’t need the added stress of dealing with hair loss! If you want to fight postpartum hair loss, the best thing you can do is focus on taking good care of your body on a day to day basis. Don’t worry too much about complicated regiments or solutions. Instead, focus on reducing stress by enjoying the time with your baby as much as possible and trusting your body that you will grow back your hair in a normal amount of time.

Focus on making good choices in your diet day-to-day. Don’t beat yourself up if you eat something that isn’t in your plans. Just ask yourself if you’ve gotten a good amount of protein and plenty of fresh food that day.

Try to get gentle exercise to help improve your energy, reduce stress, and improve circulation (this can also help promote hair growth). Consider visiting your hair stylist and asking about a style that will be low maintenance but help give your hair a thicker appearance while your hair is in the regrowth phase. And finally, add in a supplement or two that will help support the regrowth of your hair as well as your overall health and energy levels. If you’re like most moms and don’t have time to waste researching the millions of supplements on the market —  Feelz Good Hairessence All Natural Hair Growth Vitamin Formula is a great all-in-one support for growing strong and healthy hair after childbirth.

Most moms report normal hair growth by around 6 months postpartum and their hair feeling back to normal around 12 months. If you’re still struggling a year after your baby is born, consider seeing a doctor or nutritionist for additional support.

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Feelz Good is a supplement company focused on developing functional products for your health and wellness. We take the concept of “FUNCTIONALITY” very seriously. Our products are designed and formulated as to deliver ingredients that really work. Our team dives deeply into the available published studies in order to provide state-of-the-art formulas for you and your family.

We are proud to announce our very first product: Hairessence. Tailored for all hair types, Hairessence is here to unveil the confidence of every woman. We think every woman is special. So is Hairessence.


5 Home Remedies for Hair Loss and Regrowth

Have you ever had a bad hair day that just ruined your confidence or put you in an overall bad mood?

If you’ve struggled with chronic hair loss or slow hair regrowth, you may be all too familiar with this feeling. Alopecia, (chronic hair loss and lack of regrowth) affects millions of Americans. And since hair loss is such a sensitive issue for many sufferers, they’re often willing to seek out potentially toxic or dangerous treatments without realizing that effective home remedies for hair loss exist!

Although alopecia is commonly thought of as a men’s health issue, 40% of sufferers are in fact female. But for many men, in particular, hair loss is a pressing issue that often starts impacting their lives at a young age. According to the American Hair Loss Association 85% of men have significantly thinning hair by age 50 but 25% of those men begin balding before they even reach the age of 21! And thousands of women are being affected as well

In 2016 over 1.8 million people received hair restoration surgery (a 74% increase since 2014). These numbers show the incredibly high and fast growing demand for a solution to chronic hair loss and regrowth issues. Let’s face it, hair loss is stressful and often embarrassing. But we want to spread the word that extreme measures like surgery often aren’t necessary! With the right home remedies, you may be able to improve hair growth and prevent hair loss in ways that actually further benefit your overall health.5 Home Remedies for Hair Loss and RegrowthWith such fast-growing numbers of people looking for a remedy to their hair issues, new research has been emerging about home remedies and safe solutions that can help decrease the number of people going into surgery or seeking other unhealthy solutions for their issue. Researchers have been discovering how much nutrition impacts hair loss and regrowth and how our modern diets aren’t giving us the nutrients we need to grow strong and healthy hair.

The Right Nutrients to Prevent Hair Loss

5 Home Remedies for Hair Loss and Regrowth

So let’s cover a few of the best supplements, vitamins, and food that will begin to reverse hair loss and encourage regrowth. And the best part is that many of these remedies have other health benefits associated with them as well. Not only can you help reverse your hair loss but you may also feel more energy and vitality when you start applying these solutions.

But take note that any home remedy you choose will have to be applied with consistency if you want to see results! We know it can feel like a lot of work to change habits so, if you’re the type who wants an easy solution you don’t have to put much thought into — Feelz Good has an incredible supplement called Hairessence All Natural Hair Growth Vitamin Formula that is designed with a blend of vitamins and nutrients proven to improve hair growth.

1. Biotin, The Hair Loss Super Remedy

5 Home Remedies for Hair Loss and Regrowth

If you’ve ever struggled with hair or nail issues in the past, chances are you’ve heard of biotin… This B vitamin complex is popular among beauty enthusiasts for a reason. Research has shown it to help with all kinds of issues from brittle nails and skin problems to hair growth. One study in particular of women with thinning hair found that biotin significantly increased hair growth in the participants and gave it a fuller and thicker appearance.

Biotin helps with hair growth by contributing to the forming of amino acids in the body, which are the building blocks for the proteins that make your hair. So when your body has access to higher levels of the right building blocks, hair growth is easier.

Feelz Good Hairessence All Natural Hair Growth Vitamin Formula contains the perfect daily dose of Biotin along with a blend of nutrients proven to help improve hair health. Taking it daily could totally change the look of your hair over time!

2. Peppermint Oil to Support Growing Hair

Our hair actually grows in 3 cycles. The Anagen phase where hair is actively growing (the longest phase), the Catagen phase, a short transitional phase, and the Telogen phase where the hair follicle releases the hair and “rests” before restarting the cycle.

Some very interesting research has suggested that Peppermint Oil, when topically applied can help speed up and improve hair growth – making hair thicker and facilitating growth during the Anagen phase.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you plan to use peppermint oil on your scalp, use only a very diluted version by mixing a few drops with your regular shampoo or a scalp moisturizer since pure peppermint oil can have a strong burning sensation when applied directly to skin.

5 Home Remedies for Hair Loss and Regrowth

3. Maca Powder For A Hormonal Home Remedy

5 Home Remedies for Hair Loss and Regrowth

It’s thought that the reason men often deal with hair loss to a greater extent than women is because of the high levels of testosterone in their bodies. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of testosterone, is thought to be the main culprit behind this hair loss as it is known to shrink hair follicles, eventually leading to hair loss.

Although women have much lower testosterone levels, they deal with more major hormone shifts throughout their lifetime (including pregnancy and menopause). These times can cause all kinds of hormone imbalances which often contribute to hair problems. Out of balance hormones are actually one of the most common causes of hair loss or hair growth issues.

One incredibly powerful supplement for both men and women to maintain balanced hormones (and thereby keep healthy, growing hair) is Maca powder, a root grown mostly in peru. Maca has a whole list of healing properties and has been shown by research to support the hormonal system with results like eased menopause symptoms in women and increased sperm count in men.

Getting hormone levels under check can also do way more for your health than just keeping a healthy, beautiful head of hair. When you have healthily balanced hormones you’ll also have more energy, better fertility, and lower risk of depression and other mental health challenges. So try maca powder in a smoothie or find it in pill form to make your hormone system happy.

4. Vitamin A For Stimulating Hair Regrowth

Getting the proper dose of vitamin A may help you not only prevent hair loss, but also stimulate regrowth. Vitamin A has been shown to activate hair follicle stem cells which may stimulate hair growth. And deficiencies in this vitamin have also been linked with hair loss.

But be aware when taking this supplement that extremely elevated levels of Vitamin A may actually have negative effects and taking the proper recommended dose is really important. For an easy go-to supplement with Vitamin A (and many of the other essential nutrients for preventing hair loss) check out Feels Good Hairessence All Natural Hair Growth Vitamin Formula.

5. Collagen

5 Home Remedies for Hair Loss and Regrowth

Collagen powder has become a popular supplement for all kinds of anti-aging concerns. It’s been shown to decrease wrinkles and make skin look plump and smooth. And the same properties that allow it to improve your skin can help your hair as well. Collagen is made up of amino acids, the building blocks of keratin (the protein that your hair is made of).

Research specific to hair growth and collagen is still catching up but thousands of anecdotal stories of people having success with collagen to improve hair growth along with what we know about the science behind hair growth, suggests that collagen may indeed be a wonderful source of hope for those suffering from hair loss.

Whether you are concerned about current hair loss, trying to revive and regrow your hair, or are looking for prevention for a hereditary hair loss issue, know that there is hope. With consistent home remedies and supplementation, you can improve your hair health naturally without having to go to extremes or try unsafe solutions. Try Feels Good Hairessence All Natural Hair Growth Vitamin Formula for an all-in-one hair regrowth formula you can take every day.

Leading Causes Of Hair Loss

There are several leading causes of hair loss and knowing why you are having problems in this area may help you seek out the best possible solution.

Here are a handful of the most common hair loss contributors:


If baldness and hair loss run in your family, you are more likely to have issues yourself — but this doesn’t mean you’re doomed! Start taking care with preventive actions now rather than waiting for symptoms to show up before you take action. Taking care of aging hair follicles means a better chance of keeping them active for a longer time.

Hormonal Imbalances

As we mentioned before, the hormone system is largely responsible for the length of the various growth cycles of hair. So when hormones are out of balance, hair loss may come on rapidly. But if you’ve recently had a baby or gone off hormonal birth control, don’t be alarmed if you’re losing hair. Just know your hormones are going through a natural process of rebalancing and consider supporting them with proper diet and supplementation.


Of course, stress isn’t always easy to avoid but it had to go on the list… Stress also has a major impact on our hormones as well as things like eating and sleep habits (which ultimately all impact hair growth). A very interesting point about the way stress impacts hair loss though is that the effects are often delayed. So if you go through a very tough time and a couple of months later start losing your hair (although you’re feeling better), it could still be the stress causing the hair loss.

Vitamin Deficiencies

At the end of the day, our hair is a representation of our overall internal health. A strong, balanced, healthy body will grow healthy hair. With the variation of our genetics, what we eat and the supplements we take have a major impact on the look and feel of our hair. So focus on a balanced, protein-rich diet and of course, add in supplements to support hair growth like Feels Good Hairessence All Natural Hair Growth Vitamin Formula.

Even Better Than A Home Remedy; A Lifestyle Change

As is indicated by the growing popularity in quick-fix solutions like surgeries or toxic products that may produce short-term results but come with potential long-term side effects, we need to make a change in the way we care for our bodies.

The temptation of these quick solutions is understandable, but in order to get the long-term results you desire, you have to commit to long-term lifestyle changes. As we addressed throughout this article, hormones are one of the biggest underlying causes of hair loss, as well as inadequate nutrition and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. All of these problems are rooted in the way we care for our bodies.

Adequate rest, exercise, a healthy diet, and a low-stress lifestyle are the true remedies to slow and reduce hair loss and promote regrowth. For hair growth, try shifting toward a diet that is particularly rich in high-quality proteins like organic meats and healthy fats such as coconut oil and grass-fed butter. Many of the supplements that promote healthy hair can be obtained through the right diet. For example, bone broth is a wonderful food source for collagen and makes a delicious afternoon snack or base for your favorite soup.

Start looking for opportunities to take care of yourself and prioritizing relaxation and making healthier choices day to day. And of course, the proper supplements like Feels Good Hairessence All Natural Hair Growth Vitamin Formula are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle to ensure your body has everything it needs to heal and grow strong and healthy hair!


Feelz Good is a supplement company focused on developing functional products for your health and wellness. We take the concept of “FUNCTIONALITY” very seriously. Our products are designed and formulated as to deliver ingredients that really work. Our team dives deeply into the available published studies in order to provide state-of-the-art formulas for you and your family.

We are proud to announce our very first product: Hairessence. Tailored for all hair types, Hairessence is here to unveil the confidence of every woman. We think every woman is special. So is Hairessence.

Natural Ways to Boost Your GH

Human Growth Hormone, or GH, is a key component in the body’s endocrine system and is at the center of some of the most basic bodily functions. It helps fuel growth during childhood and adolescence. GH is also responsible for helping your body maintain a healthy weight balance, build strong bones, repair cells, and grow muscle. However, as you age, GH production begins to slow.

Why GH?

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of GH isn’t just that it is naturally produced, but that it has been linked to so many health benefits. GH is responsible for some of the most important daily functions and anti-aging activities such as cell repair, regeneration, and growth. Plus, since the 1980s, numerous studies have found Growth Hormone to have benefits beyond just helping to maintain healthy and functioning cells.

One study found that a local injection of GH increased bone fracture healing, while another study showed GH assisting in wound-healing and trauma. Other studies have linked GH to stronger bones, heart disease prevention, hair growth, and healthy body weight composition.

In 1999, a study published by Hormone Research observed the effects of GH and dietary restriction on the weight and anabolic responses to obese participants. It found that “in obese subjects given a hypocaloric diet, GH accelerates body fat loss, exerts anabolic effects and improves GH secretion. These findings suggest a possible therapeutic role of low-dose GH with caloric restriction for obesity.”

Not Enough GH

When the body does not produce enough GH, this could manifest into numerous health issues throughout the body. Hair loss, dry skin, fatigue, increased cholesterol, and even depression are all symptoms of this Human Growth Hormone deficiency. Additionally, as adults age into their 30s, the pituitary gland produces less and less GH, resulting in some or many of these effects.

Natural Ways to Produce Growth Hormone

Luckily, there are a few natural ways you can stimulate GH production in the body.

High-Intensity Workouts

High-intensity workouts can help your body burn fat, build endurance, stimulate metabolism, and increase GH production. Studies have shown an increase in GH after intense workouts, regardless of skill level. A review published by Sports Medicine in 2003 suggested that a minimum of 10 minutes of intense exercise could help produce GH and elicit “beneficial health, well-being and training outcomes.”

A Good Night’s Sleep

A restful night of sleep has been linked to numerous health advantages and it plays a significant role in maintaining a proper hormone balance. During sleep, GH is released by the pituitary gland into the bloodstream. This helps your body repair and rejuvenate while you rest. To help this important process along, aim for 7-9 hours of deep, restful sleep each night. You can set reminders on your phone to help you stick to your sleep schedule or practice calming activities like meditation to help you unwind before bed.

Sleep and exercise are incredibly important to your health and well-being, but often receiving enough of even one of the two can be a struggle. To help reap the benefits of Growth Hormone in between busy schedules and long weeks, you can take this hormone as a supplement instead. GH supplement is also frequently used to simply boost physical performance, increase vitality, and maintain a healthy body weight composition.


Feelz Good is a supplement company focused on developing functional products for your health and wellness. We take the concept of “FUNCTIONALITY” very seriously. Our products are designed and formulated as to deliver ingredients that really work. Our team dives deeply into the available published studies in order to provide state-of-the-art formulas for you and your family.

We are proud to announce our very first product: Hairessence. Tailored for all hair types, Hairessence is here to unveil the confidence of every woman. We think every woman is special. So is Hairessence.