Beauty Secrets Hair Stylists Don’t Want You to Know

Ever wanted to achieve great hair without breaking the bank? Well, look no further. We brought these secrets out of the vault for your eyes only. Don’t let your stylist know about them!

1. The Blowout and Modern Curl

You don’t have to become a stylist to get great hair. Just learn the basics: the blowout and the modern curl. These simple techniques are the foundation for many hair styles and help bring out that bouncy, shiny magazine look everyone goes gaga for. Caution: you might make your friends jealous!

2.  You Really Can Color Your Hair at Home

Some people (and stylists) might have told you to avoid coloring your own hair like the plague, but this is simply not true. As long as you get a good quality coloring product, follow all the directions, and know what you’re doing, you can get great hair color at home without the salon price tag.

3. Great Hair Begins Inside…Not with Products

Obviously there’s no such thing as magic potions for perfect hair. You have to work at it. But if you don’t fancy the idea of sticking a million chemicals on your hair, incorporate a regimen of natural hair products and supplements. Over time you’ll get great results, and your hair will thank you!

Have these secrets worked for you? Let us know! And while you’re at it, check out our great hair products for men and women alike. Shh…It’s a secret!

Why is Dying Your Hair Bad for It?

If you dye your hair, you’re certainly not alone. In 2015, 75% of women stated they dye their hair. There are many reasons women do it, but one of the most common is to prevent their hair from turning gray. Other women dye their hair because they like having a new look and enjoy experimenting with different hair colors.

No matter what reason you give for dying your hair, one thing is for certain: dying your hair is damaging.

Why Is Hair Dye Bad?

Permanent hair dye contains damaging chemicals, such as ammonia and peroxide. Together, these chemicals help to bleach out the natural pigment of your hair. When this happens, your hair gets damaged and eventually your hair will lose its luster and start to easily break.

The chemicals used in hair dyes also strips away its protective lipid layer, which causes it to look and feel rough.

Repeated Dying Can Lead to Hair Loss

Another reason why hair dye is damaging the need for repeatedly dying your hair. Since the color doesn’t stay long, people often resort to dying their hair every few weeks, which dries out the hair and can cause hair loss.

If your hair is damaged from too much dying, try Hairessence to make your hair strong and healthy again. This all-natural formula doesn’t contain any chemicals. Instead, the Hairessence capsules are made with ingredients that will undo damage and reverse hair loss caused by dying it. You can also get our haircare guide absolutely free!

Three Things You HAVE to Start Doing to Your Hair

Building a healthy hair plan can be a bit overwhelming. With so many specialized hair care practices and products, it can take some trial and error to find the ones that work for you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the three most popular and effective hair habits that can be used for any hair type. Read on to give your hair a spa treatment at home.

Hair Masks

Hair masks are nourishing treatments for your hair that generally contain butters, oils, and other hydrating ingredients. They are like a high-powered conditioner, but spend more time sinking into your hair to nourish and restore it back to health. Whether it’s from heat styling or exposure to the elements, most of us put our hair through a lot of stress. Using a hair mask can help repair the daily damage our tresses endure and keep hair looking and feeling beautiful and strong. Hair masks can also target specific concerns or types of hair, such as frizzy hair or color-treated hair. Select one that’s ideal for your hair type to get the most out of your hair mask.

Split End Serums

Most people deal with split ends to some degree. Split ends are the fraying of the hair shaft due to heat and stress, including the stress from combing and styling. Chemical treatments applied to the hair, such as coloring and perming, are also notorious for causing split ends. Split end serums nourish the ends of your hair and can seal broken ends to help protect against future fraying. While split end serums can’t undo the damage after splitting, serums can be very effective in hiding and preventing future damage. Split ends serums are made for all hair types and colors and can also deliver shine along with strength. Plus, they’re affordable and easy to use.

Microfiber Hair Drying Towels

One of the best ways to maintain vibrant and strong locks is by ditching the blow-dryer. Heat causes damage to hair by removing water that is bound to the hair, leaving it dry and dull and often coarse to the touch. Unfortunately, air drying hair can take all day, especially if you have thick hair, or a lot of hair. Microfiber hair drying towels can help speed up the drying process. They absorb excess moisture faster than traditional bath towels, and their lightweight design makes microfiber towels comfortable to wear. Microfiber hair drying towels can also reduce frizz, making your hair look and feel softer.

The Best Haircuts for Round Faces

Not all haircuts are created equal.

Sure, we want to keep up with the trends or try something new to mix up our look, but the reality is, not all haircuts look good on all face shapes.

The shape of your face is important to understand and consider when changing your hair, otherwise you might wind up an unhappy customer. Some cuts look significantly better on particular face shapes and others will only enhance an appearance you may be actively trying to distract from.

Round face shapes seem to have the hardest time finding their most face-flattering cut. But if you’re struggling to find the best haircuts for round faces, we’re here to help.

We’ve narrowed down a list of definite do’s (and several don’ts) that will make selecting the right cut a breeze.

Do You Need to Be Looking at Haircuts for Round Faces?

This may sound like a given, but since we aren’t able to really view ourselves objectively, we might think we have a round face when in fact, we don’t.

There are some face shapes like heart-shaped and square that people sometimes mistake as a round shaped face.

Here are some foolproof ways to determine if you should be perusing haircuts for round faces:

Draw a straight line with your index finger from your temple to your jaw bone.

If you don’t have a round face shape, your finger will start to move in as you head down your face, getting closer to your cheekbone and jaw. If your finger stays on pretty much the same plane, you do indeed have a round face.

You don’t have to whip out the measuring tape, but try to make sure the width and length of your face are about the same size, making it very symmetrical. If they look about the same in length, you likely have a round shaped face.

Most people with round face shapes have softer, less angular features like a smaller nose and a rounded chin. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to keep reading.

Once we have confirmation on a round face shape, let’s get to work on finding the best haircuts for round faces.

Pixie Cut With Pieces

Short hair, don’t care! A pixie cut can be one of the more flattering haircuts for round faces.

Your soft features and symmetrical face makes allow you to rock a super short do, no problem.

If you’re going with the pixie cut, be sure to add long sweeping pieces in the front, to draw the eye down and make the overall style appear less round.

Having some volume on the top and toward the back of your head with edgy pieces around the forehead will lengthen your face and make it appear thinner and less full.

Adding length and dimension will always make your face appear longer. This doesn’t apply to short cuts exclusively but is essential to pull one off with a round face. There are plenty of ways to trick the eye into seeing a longer face shape with shorter hair using layers and styling techniques.

Not every face shape can rock a pixie. But this look is one of the edgier, fashion-forward haircuts for round faces, so why not go for it?


A longer bob, aka, a “lob” is one of the ideal haircuts for round faces when going short but not too short like the pixie mentioned above.

The key is hitting the sweet spot in terms of length and you need to be particular on this to pull on the look effectively. You want the hair to graze the area between your chin and shoulder for the best result. Add volume where you can.

Some height to your hair will make your face shape appear less round.

Be sure to keep the bob shaggy and textured if possible. Soft layers and dimension will avoid the short hair from looking like a wig or a helmet around your face.

With a bob, having movement is an absolute must. You want the hair to move freely around your face so the eyes focus more on the shape of your cut as opposed to the shape of your face.

Unlike with other haircuts for round faces, the number one thing you want to avoid is a style that sticks out on the side of your head. It’s important to keep in mind the texture of your hair, how it dries naturally and the time you’ll put into styling it on a daily basis when considering a bob.

If your hair is super thick or tends to frizz or puff out after drying, a bob will likely accentuate the roundness of your features and draw more attention to your face shape.

Round faces tend to be extremely symmetrical, so offsetting it with an asymmetrical cut can give the illusion of a longer face.

A side-swept bang paired with a mid-length bob frames round faces well and draws the attention away from the shape of your face, highlighting the different layers and textures of the cut.

Shoulder Length

If you’re going for a shoulder length do, try having the ends cut blunt with tons of texture. This blunt look is very on trend right now and lends itself to a just-rolled-out-bed, laid-back appearance.

Please keep in mind (and be sure to tell your stylist) that blunt cut ends do not mean all your hair should be cut one length. You can have blunt ends without having to forgo layers and textures. Blunt cut simply means the ends aren’t cut at an angle.

You’ll still want your stylist to chop it up and undercut it, especially if your hair is thick or heavy.

Shoulder length hair has a natural sophistication to it already, but the straight ends of your hair, when cut bluntly, will be a nice contrast to the curves in your face.

This is one of the haircuts for round faces which can be styled many ways, from stick straight to loose waves, there’s a lot of versatility with this look.

When styling this cut, if you have blunt ends, be sure to leave them out of the curling iron so they stay straight, even when you wave your hair. This is what will keep the look edgy and of-the-moment.

A side-swept bang as mentioned with the bob also pairs well with shoulder-length hair. So, if you’re growing your hair out from a shorter cut, you can keep trimming your bangs and the look with grow with your hair.


Midlength hair is one of the more forgiving haircuts for round faces. There are more options when it comes to cut and style now that your hair is a bit longer.

You will definitely want to layer throughout, to add length and avoid making it look like there’s a picture frame around your face, which will only amplify its shape.

Instead, choppy or soft layers will draw the eyes down and make your face appear longer and thinner.

You can wear this looks straight by styling it with a flatiron or use a wide curling iron for loose, beachy waves.

You can also easily rock a whispy or side swept bang with midlength hair. The distance between the bottom of your bangs and the bottom of you midlength cut will give the illusion of a longer, thinner face shape.

Long Hair

If you want to have long, luscious hair, be sure to keep it sleek and close to the face.

Huge waves or big curls will only add more roundness to your already round face shape by creating a circular shape with your hair that will mimic your features.

While there should still be movement in the length so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a wig, you don’t have to be as committed to visible layers as your do with shorter cuts.

Try long layers and a flat iron. This is a sleek and edgy look that will bring the eye down instead of out and is a great way to keep the hair close to your face, making it look longer.

If you’re going with a long haircut, consider doing a side part. The asymmetry will give length to a round face, making it appear more oval in shape. However, long hair is the one haircut for round faces where you can get away with wearing a middle part more easily.

A layered bang is a nice addition to haircuts for round faces.

Be sure the keep the bangs whispy, layered and dimensional. Think Brigit Bardot or Dakota Johnson. Their bangs aren’t too thick, helping to avoid a heavy look which can bring you down and let your bangs run the show.

Things to Avoid

Just as there are plenty of options for haircuts for round faces, there are some things to avoid the next time you hit the hair salon.

Here are some looks that might work against you and things to keep in mind when deciding on a new haircut:

Blunt bangs – These are hard for anyone to pull off well, but especially challenging on haircuts for round faces.

Blunt bangs will draw attention to your face shape and make it look rounder than it is because the bangs will so tightly frame your face, there will be nothing else to notice besides its shape.

Sleek short hair – A super short, sleek do is not necessarily one of the best haircuts for round faces. It will immediately draw extra attention to any face shape because you have nowhere to hide.

With this type of cut, you’ll have nothing to frame your face and your attention will continue to be in the round shape. You’ll want to avoid anything that is super close to your head, especially when the hair is short. Even putting your hair in a sleek ponytail will make the face appear more round.

Try putting your hair in a high bun to achieve the ever elusive volume we all strive for.

Jaw length bob– Haircuts for round faces can be tricky enough and a short cut can be even more difficult to pull off.

When it comes to the bob, either go super short, keeping it above the chin, or stay a little longer, below the jaw and above the shoulders. You want to avoid having a bob that hits your jaw. It will give your face an even fuller look, especially if the cut lacks layers.

Center parts – Some people are committed to a center part. It’s a very relaxed look and has been on trend for a while.

If this is you, we say go for it. But know that a center part will make your face look wider and fuller because it’s just overkill on the symmetry.

Parting your hair off center forces the eyes to go to different places around the face and creates the illusion of length.

If you’re committed to a center part, try to pair it with longer hair, layers, and texture to pull the eyes down. A center pair with shorter hair will certainly round out the face more.

Anything all one length – If you’re trying to add length to your face, you definitely want to avoid having a haircut that is all one length, no matter the style.

Long or short, one length hair will overly frame your face and box you in, drawing attention to the roundness of your face.

Do You

As you can see above, there are a variety of haircuts for round faces to choose from. And the best part is, you don’t have to limit your look to a particular length. Round face shapes can rock it all; from pixie to long hair.

The thing to remember is shaping and styling the cut to frame your face well, adding more length whenever possible.

Words to remember are long layers, movement, volume, texture, and asymmetry.

At the end of the day, you have to pick the cut that’s right for you, your hair type and your lifestyle.

This list should help you communicate what you want and need to your hairstylist when you go in for your next cut. You’ll also have an arsenal of haircuts for round faces and styles to avoid when trying to make your face appear less round.

Now you’re one step closer to a haircut that brings out the best in you and makes you feel confident!

Visit our blog for more beauty tips and tricks. Or contact us with any questions about FeelzGood!

10 Problems Only Curly Haired Girls Will Understand

There are certain problems that curly haired girls know all too well. Girls with straight hair just can’t understand these problems.

Curly hair is beautiful, but it’s also a double-edged sword. There are a lot of unique issues that come along with curly hair.

It’s time for curly-haired girls to get real about our struggle with the world. It’s the only way they’ll ever know better.

Girls with curly hair experience the following problems all the time:

1. Curly-Haired Girls Know What It’s Like to Have Tangles

Curly hair gets tangled easier because curls tend to be drier. This can result in curly hair knotting easier.

Sometimes, you can hardly run a brush through your hair without losing a couple bristles. Curly hair can also snap some combs like toothpicks.

Curly-haired girls don’t know what kind of hair situation they’re going to wake up to in the morning. Our “bedhead” can get scary enough to be in a horror film.

A curly-haired girl’s best friend is a wide-toothed comb. Be sure to use this special comb on wet hair sopping in deep conditioner.

Make sure you use plenty of conditioner. That will make it harder for curly hair to tangle (as well as any other hair in general).

Make sure you use good shampoo and conditioner. The wrong kind can dry out your hair more, making it easier to tangle and knot.

Try to pay attention to how much you toss and turn while you sleep. Restless sleeping can make your hair more knotty.

Tie your hair back while you sleep. Leaving curly hair down while sleeping usually results in tangles and knots.

2. People Expect You to Straighten it

Some people think curly-haired girls look unprofessional or unkempt. Thus, they expect you to straighten it.

Straightening your hair can damage it with heat. Straightening your hair is also time-consuming. Really curly hair can take 3 hours or more.

By the time you’re done, your arms hurt. Spare yourself the suffering and accept your curls as they are.

Hair straightening can also have harmful effects like itchiness of the skin and scalp, scalp redness, rashes, eye itching, and red eye. Never mind that the heat is uncomfortable and burns you when you move the wrong way.

Worst of all, people rave about how “good” and “neat” your hair looks while straight. They say this as though curly hair can’t be good or neat.

It makes you wonder how people perceive you with curly hair versus straight hair. Life is so unfair.

Somehow, the cultural fixation on straight hair doesn’t stop people from doing the following:

3. People Want to Touch Your Hair

People get hands-y when you have curly hair. If you’re lucky, someone will actually ask before touching.

It’s one thing if your close friends ask to touch your hair, but strangers? Heck no!

It happens more than you think, especially to women of color and other people with serious curls. For some reason, people feel entitled to invade your space and touch your head.

When people ask to touch your hair, you can’t help but think, “What is this? A petting zoo?”

It must be something about the way curls bounce and go “boing” that attracts touchy-feely people. Something must be intriguing them enough to ask to touch your hair!

Fear not: Curly-haired girls don’t owe anyone the time of day. Not now, not ever. You are never obligated to let someone touch your hair.

It’s not like your hair is a cute, sociable cat that sits on your head, wanting to be pet. It’s your hair and it belongs to your body. Having the strength to say “no” to curl-grabbers is important.

If you invest in yourself, you’ll know how to stand up for yourself. It’s not just a matter of having personal boundaries. It’s also better for your hair.

The more you let people touch your hair (including yourself), the frizzier it will get. Frizz is the ultimate enemy of people with curly hair. That leads me to the next point:

4. Humidity is Your Personal Hell

Whenever it gets humid, your curly hair is never up to the challenge. In fact, it always loses with flying colors and frizz.

You don’t even need to look at the weather to determine the humidity levels. Your frizz can be seen from miles away.

In truth, there’s an entire scientific background to why your hair gets more frizzy with humidity.

Your hair is made up of keratin proteins. Every time you wash your hair, you break and form new hydrogen bonds.

Hydrogen bonds happen when molecules in neighboring keratin strands, each develop a weak attraction with the same water molecule. This indirectly bonds the two keratin proteins together.

Because humid air has much higher numbers of water molecules than dry air, a given strand of hair can form much higher numbers of hydrogen bonds. This increased amount of hydrogen bonds causes frizz.

Humidity is the secret version of rain. This brings me to my next point:

5. Rain, Rain, Go Away

Next to humidity, rain is the arch nemesis of curly-haired girls.

On a rainy day, curly-haired girls can be spotted from space. That’s because our frizz is so big, it could have a planetary orbit of its own.

Curly-haired girls can’t even pull up their hoods for coverage against rain. It’ll mess up your hair and result in even more frizz. On rainy days, opt for an umbrella instead of a hat or hood.

The increased water molecules have the same effect on your hair as humidity. Curse you, hydrogen bonds!

One good way to reduce frizzing in the rain is choosing frizz-specific shampoos and conditioners. This ensures that your hair will be healthy in frizz-producing conditions.

Make sure your hair isn’t dried and damaged. If it is, the cuticle will be lifted. This makes it easier for the moisture get in and cause a fuss in your hair.

6. Girls With Straight Hair Want Your Curly Hair

It’s a twisted fact of the world that women aren’t happy with their appearance. In fact, the majority of women don’t like their hair.

We always want what we can’t have. For some reason, girls with straight hair often want hair like curly-haired girls.

Straight-haired girls will go on and on about how much they wish they had curly hair. Deep down, you wonder if they’d even have the guts to rock curly hair, let alone deal with it.

Curly hair isn’t exactly “in” thanks to (predominantly white) standards of beauty. You can’t help but wonder if straight-haired girls would actually pull it off.

Unlike with straightening your hair, there’s no social pressure to curl your hair. Straight hair is generally accepted by society. Nobody questions the professionalism of straight hair like they do with curly hair.

Women assume that men prefer straight hair, so it’s surprising when a woman says she wants curly hair. It means she wants to go against the grain rather than conform to beauty standards.

Fortunately, curly hair is becoming more and more popular. Although it’s good to own your natural hair as it is, more and more women are curling their hair.

In reality, curly hair is beautiful too. There’s a reason why it’s so unique:

7. Curly Hair Always Looks Different

Curly hair has a mind of its own. It’s like a suspenseful movie: You never know what it’s going to do next.

When you have curly hair, your hair never looks the same way twice. Although you may have certain curl patterns, curly hair is always changing.

Curly-haired girls can look forward to a new look every day. Some days, your ringlets are on point and you look fabulous. The next day, your curls might be more relaxed.

That or your hair might be a pile of frizz. You never know.

Have you ever had a good “curls” day? If so, try to remember everything you did to your hair so you can replicate it later.

It also helps to be gentle while washing and styling your hair. Nothing will recover your hair from rubbing it down with a towel.

Curly-haired girls: Feel free to use a curling iron to tidy up your curl patterns. It’s not like you’re cheating. Doing so can define your curls in the right way.

Buying the right products can give you more control over how your hair looks. That brings me to my next point:

8. You Spend A Lot On Hair Products

Taking care of curly hair is important. Curly-haired girls know what it’s like to shell out big bucks for hair products.

When you buy hair products, it’s “go big or go home.” Unfortunately, if curly-haired girls don’t spend “big money” on hair care, they often go “home” to a head full of frizz.

You spend so much of your budget on hair-styling products, you wonder if it’ll break your bank. No one wants to take up a side hustle just to support their hair care habit.

A good idea is to know exactly what hair styling products are best for you and use them sparingly. You can also buy them in bulk to save money.

Try getting deals for curly hair products online. That can save you some money in the long run.

Curly hair tends to not get as dirty as quickly as straight hair. Curly-haired girls might be able to get away with shampooing once a week. That will save the amount of product you use.

The more you maintain your hair, the less “secrets” you’ll have later.

9. Curly Hair is Full of Secrets

Having curly hair is like having a permanent magnet on your head that attracts… stuff.

For some reason, curly hair gets a lot of things caught up in it. Curly-haired girls to know what it’s like to pick random objects and substances out of their hair.

Of course, there are the usual culprits: old bobby pins, hair ties, earrings, leaves, and twigs that get caught in your hair. Sometimes, even food gets caught in your hair.

How lovely life would be if not for constantly worrying if your hair is hiding secrets from you! It’s as though curly hair cannot be trusted.

Long, curly hair is more likely to get caught in random stuff. Due to the shape of the curly hair, it’s easy to get random stuff caught in it.

It can be hard to find hair ties that work for curly hair. Still, if getting stuff caught in your curly hair is a problem you often face, consider tying your hair back. That should minimize the number of unwanted items and substances you’ll find in your hair.

10. Haircut Disasters

When you walk into a salon with a curly hair, it’s like your challenging your hair stylist to a duel against your monstrous curls. Finding a hair stylist can be quite a daunting task for curly-haired girls.

Once a curly-haired girl has secured a good stylist, she keeps them for as long as she can. It’s almost a personal betrayal when they move away.

There seems to be a national shortage of hair stylists that can successfully cut and style curly hair. Straight hair seems to be no problem, but the minute you throw in the curls, hair stylists lose their minds.

Then they give you an awkward haircut you’re stuck with for weeks. Not only is this experience humiliating, but it’s a waste of money. Unfortunately, curly-haired girls usually know what this is like.

Bangs are especially hard to pull off for curly-haired girls. We often resort to straightening the bangs or growing them out.

For best results, try to read online reviews of different salons and hair stylists. That will give you insight into how well the hair stylist will work for you.

Even better, ask a salon if they have a hair stylist who specializes in curly hair. You might be surprised.

Do You Relate to These Struggles?

Having curly hair is an experience in and of itself. Girls with curly hair know all of these struggles all too well.

Curly hair is serious business. This business can be bad or good, depending on the day.

Love your curly hair every day. You won’t be sorry.

15 Reasons Why You Should Rock Your Natural Hair Color

Your natural hair color is what makes you unique. Here are 15 reasons why you should keep it that way.

Roughly seventy percent of women in the United States color their hair to some extent. The problem with this is that putting chemicals into your hair is one of the most damaging things you can do to it.

Not only that, but maintaining dyed hair is often time-consuming and expensive. For these reasons, many top stylists are recommending that clients keep their natural hair color instead of dyeing it.

The evidence doesn’t end there. Below is a list of fifteen reasons why keeping your natural hair color may be the best decision.

1. It’s More Freeing to Embrace Your Age

For decades, it has been common practice to hold off the gray for as long as possible. That is why many people use hair dye is to cover up gray hair, but these days, aging isn’t what it used to be.

It seems like the news is full of celebrities who are aging as gracefully as anyone could hope. Most of these celebrities are even keeping their natural hair color.

Even if touching up your color seems necessary to help pull this off, there are plenty of temporary dyes to help you out. Plus, these dyes allow you to change your look more often and experiment with things you wouldn’t try with a more long-term dye.

When it comes right down to it, it can be very freeing to embrace the aging process.

2. Natural Hair Color Can be a Great Indicator of Overall Health

One of the most interesting, and useful, things about our hair is that it can warn us of potential health risks. For instance, blondes tend to have higher risks of vision problems later in life and a higher risk of skin cancer.

Brunettes, on the other hand, are at a higher risk of hair loss and nicotine addiction. On the bright side, one study found that people tend to think brunettes as better long-term romantic partners.

Redheads tend to be more susceptible to Parkinson’s, but are also more sexually active on average.

With our natural hair color being so useful in our lives, you may want to think twice before making any changes.

3. Hair Dye isn’t the Only Option

For the sake of argument, let’s say that you really want to change your look. Maybe you’ve worn it the same way for awhile and it’s just not working anymore.

You could get hair extensions, or even cut your hair shorter. If dye is preferred, maybe just go with a streak or two instead of completely changing it.

Maybe all you need is a style change. Tried a ponytail for a while? Go with a bun or just keep it natural and try it long. Keeping your natural hair color doesn’t have to limit your creativity.

If you want to go for a really drastic change, you can always try a wig. It definitely saves time, and it’s not obvious despite what the sitcoms say.

4. It’s Cheaper to Keep Your Natural Hair Color

Dyeing your hair can cost anything from $5-$80 or more, depending on whether or not your do it yourself. The cost doesn’t stop there, since dye tends to fade, and therefore needs to be updated.

That’s just for one round of dyeing. Imagine the cost if you dye your hair regularly. This is especially true if you are using a DIY approach.

It’s not at all uncommon for someone going blond to choose a hair dye only to realize that it doesn’t at all turn out the color that’s advertised.

The reason for this is that hair dyes need to overpower your natural hair color. If the dye can’t completely cover up your natural hair color it will end up darker than you intended.

5. Dyeing takes time

Whether you do it at home or at a salon, dyeing your hair takes time, especially if you’re going for a lighter color.

Why go through all that hassle if you don’t have to?

Also, dyeing only lasts about six weeks before it has to be redone. Cut the process out altogether, and you may find yourself with a good bit of extra time on your hands. Not only do you save time on the process itself, but because hair color has been known to stain, say goodbye to all the extra wear and tear on your towels and clothes.

Not only does dying take time, but it also tends to stay in your hair for awhile, meaning that it can mix with any other colors you try when the first one wears off.

Beyond that, dyes can be tricky. Many fashion magazines would advise not being too adventurous with hair color. It tends to clash with your natural hair color, making it look fake.

Obviously, this is not as much of a problem if you’re going for an exotic color anyways, but if you prefer a natural look, don’t stray too far.

Given the limits of hair color and the complexity required to pull it off, isn’t it easier to just keep your natural hair color?

6. Dyeing Smells

Synthetic hair dye is one of the most recognizable smells in the world, at least when it’s being applied. The source of this smell is none other than the chemicals it’s made up of, including ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

It is ammonia in particular that causes this smell. Ammonia is a chemical compound that is often found in dyes. Ammonia is also used in cleaning products, pesticides, and explosives.

Also, ammonia has been known to explode when compacted and heated substantially. It’s also naturally corrosive.

That’s right, the stuff that most people use to color their hair can also be used to blow things up. Who wants to put something like that in their hair?

7. Dyes Damage Hair

Dyes can cause any number of horrible things to hair, from drying it out, to causing it to break more, and even causing problems for its growth.

Hair dye is one of the ten worst things to put into your hair. Thankfully, from what we can tell, temporary hair dye doesn’t seem to cause the same kind of damage.

Hair dye has been linked to dryness, thinner hair, split ends, and even hair loss.

For those of you who are fond of swimming, don’t get dyed hair wet. Chlorine and ammonia tend to react, either by drying out darker hair, or in the case of lighter hair, dyeing it green.

In larger, purer amounts, Ammonia reacting with chlorine can cause explosions.

8. Potential Cancer Risk

Though studies have not been conclusive, it has been theorized by some that certain ingredients in hair dye can slightly increase the risk of cancer. So far, the only known risks have been found in hairdressers, and others who are exposed regularly.

Keep in mind, the FDA isn’t required to test every ingredient in a product before it’s approved, so nothing is a certainty. Also, the FDA can only take action after the fact, like trying to take a product off the market after it’s been proven cancerous.

9. Longer Hair

One of the biggest problems that comes with using hair dyes is the effect it has on length.

We’ve already mentioned that hair dyes can dry out hair and cause more split ends, which means that they require more maintenance.

All of this maintenance is one of the reasons dyeing tends to hinder growth. As hair dries out and ends split, people often cut them away in hopes that they’ll grow back stronger.

Since we are constantly trimming our hair in order to keep it tidy, it takes longer to grow back.

The good news is that we’re definitely here to help with this one. Another great piece of advice if you want to grow hair, eat meat. The same ingredients that are essential for healthy hair are most commonly found in meat.

Ever heard of protein and iron helping to build muscle? Well it also helps to build hair.

10. Stronger Hair

Keeping your natural hair color can also make hair stronger, lowering the risk of split ends and breaking. This will ultimately make your hair bigger, brighter, and healthier.

In particular, a big concern with aging hair is the increased chance of thinning.

Though this is more often a problem for men, many male pattern baldness sufferers are women. In fact, two thirds of women will experience hair loss sometime after menopause.

Hair dye tends to speed up that process. If you really are concerned about the strength of your hair, a good way to check is to also pay attention to your nails. Hair and nails are both made of keratin, so whatever affects one most likely affects the other.

If you want to further boost your hair’s health, there’s a whole list of natural ingredients to help you.

11. Allergies

Some people can actually have an allergic reaction to the ingredients in hair dye.

This is mostly a skin reaction and usually doesn’t get serious, but in some cases can lead to Anaphylactic shock. This is a rare, but very severe reaction, and if it occurs, needs immediate medical attention.

For the most part the allergy isn’t dangerous, though it can be painful, and symptoms last at least a few days. Fortunately, we make it our mission to create hypoallergenic products so that nobody has to go through such an experience.

12. Toxicity

Most hair dyes will tell you not to use the product near your eyes or mouth. This is because the chemicals in the dyes can damage your eyes if used incorrectly.

In particular, the FDA reports that severe issues, including blindness can occur if permanent hair dye reaches your eyes.

Furthermore, swallowing permanent of even semi-permanent hair dye can cause mouth and stomach pain, as well as vomiting, and, in rare cases, chemical burns. It is recommended that you call poison control immediately if hair dye is swallowed.

If you’re not a fan of mismatched hair and eyebrows, it’s definitely best to use your natural hair color. On a lighter note, there are plenty of more natural dyes that don’t have any of the same effects.

13. Donations

If you’re the type who likes to donate your hair, and bless your heart if you do, then it’s best to keep your natural hair color.

Some of these charities–Pantene Beautiful Lengths, for instance–does not take any kind of dyed hair.

Locks of Love, on the other hand, will take dyed hair but not bleached hair. As they note on their website, Locks of Love makes wigs for kids who have suffered hair loss due to a medical condition, and bleached hair will not survive that process.

14. Additional Products

Those who already regularly color their hair know that it is recommended to use special products that are built specifically to care for colored hair.

Any specialist who dyes hair will recommend that you use shampoo and conditioner designed to keep color strong. These products are to help maintain your hair’s thickness and strength.

In addition to being more expensive, this also means more chemicals. Much like the dye itself some of these products can also cause allergic reactions.

15. Helps With the Job Hunt

For those of you who are currently seeking employment or further employment, hair color is a factor to keep in mind.

Some companies do have restrictions on hair-dyes. These rules aren’t very stingy, thankfully, but they are out there.

Usually, the restriction is specifically on unnatural colors, purple, green, etc. If you’re just getting out on your own and are fond of the experimental look, it may be best to put it on hold for a while and stick with your natural hair color.

Keep it Natural

The natural look is always in, and given all the hurdles that come with using hair dye, is there any wonder why?

In addition to health benefits, keeping your natural hair color is also cheaper, easier, and may bring about new opportunities.

We are always in support of embracing your most natural, beautiful self.

If you want more information on Feelz Good and what we stand for, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. If you’re looking for more health and beauty advice and news, we encourage you to visit our blog.

Straight Haired Girl Problems

Straight haired girls have similar obstacles to dealing with style as curly haired women. Read on to learn what you can do to capture the styles you love.

Every girl always wishes their hair could do a bit more than what it already does.

Some ladies dream of one day rocking a short, pixie-like cut instead of long locks. Others only want their hair to grow faster.

Not to mention the constant debate of loving curls versus wanting to tame them, or enjoying the ease of straight hair instead of looking for some ways to spice it up. If you’re a straight haired girl, you know exactly what the latter looks like.

Dealing with straight hair can sometimes mean you get the best hair days without even trying. Most of the time, though, it creates a bunch of problems you’ve just come to learn to live with.

Thankfully, there are some solutions available for straight haired ladies to have fun with their looks. But first, let’s dive into all the issues that come with having straight hair.

The Most Common (and Frustrating!) Straight Haired Girl Problems

From all the hair that falls out in the shower to the struggle of dressing up your hair and do something different, straight haired girls always have something to deal with.

If you’ve never noticed this much, or if you just got a hair relaxing treatment, go through this list. There are bound to be more things you deal with than you think!

1. The Thick Versus Thin Issue

Thin straight hair falls flat. Like, super flat.

Thick hair, on the other hand, is almost always a tangled mess.

Thick tangled hair

How are you supposed to win? Well, although you can’t really change the thickness of your hair, you can find ways to manage it better.

Try telling your stylist to do a thinning cut the next time you get your haircut. This is a special skill that is done with shears to make your hair sit with a little less volume – although, it’s hard to imagine why any straight haired girl would want less volume.

If really thin hair instead of thickness is your issue, you just have to find ways to pump up your roots, like teasing. That is the secret to the ultimate volume.

2. Effortless Messy Looks Actually Require Tons of Effort

Speaking of teasing, keep a comb handy if you’re ever trying to go for that whole “just rolled out of bed” look.

This is something that straight haired girls often mistake is only for curly hair. You can totally rock this look too.

The trick is actually to let some of your tangles be until the end of the day. This might feel a little strange, but the whole point is to not look entirely put together, right?

3. No Way You Can Hold Real Waves…

Getting the hang of the slightly teased, messy look may inspire you to see if you can finally get the waves you’ve always dreamed of.

Maybe you can for a few moments, but it’s hard to keep these waves going all day long. Try all the curling irons and messy buns you want; you’ll still end up looking straight haired at the end of the day.

It’s a bummer to realize, we know.

4. …But You’ve Spent Enough Money Trying

Sometimes, you think the secret to stylish waves is to find the right hair products. So, you end up buying all the creams and sprays that claim to make curls happen.

These usually only get used once or twice until you realize it’s no use.

It’s a cycle that is sure to frustrate your fashion efforts. But, it probably upsets your wallet even more! Unless you’re absolutely sure a product will do what you want it to, save your money and your patience with your hair.

5. Stray Hairs Always Stray

It’s one thing to test what your hair can do when you’re trying to manipulate it in ways you know, deep down, that won’t work. It’s another when all you want to do is just rock your favorite straight haired style without having a stray hair!

There is always at least one hair that decides it doesn’t want to go with the rest. This may mess up your part or stick straight up.

Or, it could be a pesky little baby hair that you still don’t know how to deal with. Don’t worry, it can take years to finally learn how to actually manage baby hairs.

6. You Can’t Have a No-Wash Day

Realizing you can, in fact, do something about baby hairs is a feeling that is almost like discovering the joys of dry shampoo.

Having to wash your hair every single day is a straight haired problem that no one with curls will ever understand. This means you always need a certain time to shower, instead of just running out the door when you’re behind on time. It also means you go through a ridiculous amount of shampoo.

With dry shampoo, though, you can at least get away with one day of not washing!

The trick is to not overdo the way you apply it. Remember, dry shampoo is meant to just pick up the extra grease and dirt in your hair – don’t apply it the way you would hairspray.

Actually, look for a dry shampoo that is powder-based instead of a spray.

The powder works better to soak into your roots without sticking to the rest of your hair. This results in the look you want, as in one that is not weighed down or looks even greasier.

7. Growing Out Your Hair Is the Real Struggle

No matter how often you’re washing your hair, you’re probably still waiting for it to grow.

This is one of the hardest things for girls to come to terms with, regardless of what kind of hair they have. Between being curly haired or straight haired, you either wish it would grow faster or you find yourself in the salon all the time.

For those wishing to grow their hair longer, look into oral vitamins you can take that will support hair growth. Mind you, though, these will support hair growth all over your body.

If you prefer a short haircut, try playing with different ways to manage your length in-between cuts. The more creative you get, the less money you spend on that bi-weekly trim! You can also learn how to cut your ends yourself.

8. Styling Options Are Limited

Although there are some ways to manage hair that is growing out, when it comes to doing this with straight hair, the options are limited. This goes for any kind of styling, actually.

Want that awesome top bun? Hope you’re ready to use a lot of hair to make it nice and thick.

Trying to get a full, sexy blowout? Good luck making that last all night before your hair falls flat.

This may sound a bit harsh, but it’s the reality of many straight haired girls! Trust us, we feel your pain.

For the best straight hair styling options, stick to cute accessories and trying new braids. This will switch up your style in ways you can be sure will look good.

9. Styling Struggles Are Worse

There is a catch to trying the options mentioned above, though.

If you have layers or stray hairs that need holding, forget about using bobby pins. Unless you’re using these on a large chunk of hair, they won’t hold. This is because straight hair is often too thin to create enough tension for the bobby pin.

As you’re moving around throughout the day, you’ll feel the consequences of this because the pins become looser and looser. This continues until the bobby pins fall out completely.

Thinking about holding your hair in a ponytail rather than relying on bobby pins? If so, be ready to keep it up all day long.

Straight haired girls always end up with ponytail dents.

Maybe it’s been so long since you’ve put your hair in a ponytail that you’ve forgotten. All you need is one time of taking your hair out and looking at that bump to remind yourself it’s not a good look.

10. You Still Have to Straighten with Heat

The good thing about bumps is you can straighten them out. If you’re transitioning from a relaxed day look to an all-out evening outfit, make sure you’ve got your straightener handy.

Actually, you should always have it ready to go.

Even the most straight haired girls will agree your style just looks better when you run a straightener through it all. This ensures everything is as even and well-kept as possible. It makes you look confident and prepares you for the whole night ahead.

11. Wind Is Your Worst Enemy

What’s the worst part about having to straighten your hair? Having it messed up by the end.

Every straight haired girl knows the struggle of riding around with the top down, going on a boat, or just walking on the sidewalk on a particularly windy day. Such situations turn your hair into tangle central.

The wind easily tosses all your strands together to create a messy look that is anything but cute, and a knotted mess that is pretty painful.

12. Tangles Always Find a Way to Happen

Wind is the easiest way to turn your great straight haired look into a bad hair day.

But, it’s not the only way straight strands get all tangled up. Tangles are a common issue for straight haired girls.

They can happen while you’re driving, out shopping, or just laying on the couch! To best keep this pesky issue at bay, keep a comb with you at all times.

Simple Solutions for Straight Hair

With every issue, there comes a solution. But, it’s best to have a few go-to quick fixes for straight hair, instead of having to come up with something for every different scenario mentioned above.

If you’re a fan of lazy hair tricks that still make you look lovely, the following are the perfect tips for you.

1. Step up Your Braid Game

When you’re really not sure how to wear your hair one day, try a braid.

We’re not just talking a simple, classic one either. Teach yourself how to do fun, intricate braids like a dutch braid, a fishtail, or a headband braid.

These take a bit of time to learn. But, once you perfect them, they become quick, easy ways to dress up any outfit!

2. Wear More Headbands and Bandanas

What’s faster than doing a braid before you head out the door? Throwing on a headband or a bandana.

There are all kinds of styles to choose from that you can rock with your regular wardrobe. Some are perfect for warm weather and hot days, while others will keep you warm as you walk down cold city streets.

Wherever you are, one thing is for sure: you can’t go wrong with a cute hair accessory like this.

3. Hats, Hats, Hats

If you’re more of a hat girl than a bandana person, rock your baseball caps and fedoras with no shame!

Such looks are other fun ways to turn any other hair day into an excuse to tie your outfit together. Hats go great with a dressed-down, leggings and a t-shirt type of day, or as the final piece for your brunch outfit to look perfect.

It just depends what kind of look you’re going for and the type of hats you have in your wardrobe.

4. Try Hair Treatments

Are you seriously sick of only having straight hair? Have you tried absolutely everything to get a little more volume or just some natural waves?

If you’re running out of ideas, consider trying what a hair treatment can do for you. Although there are more straightening than curling options out there, some things, like a perm, are still available.

Keep in mind these will have long-lasting results. Talk to your stylist about all your options before you commit.

Straight Haired Styling Inspiration from Celebrities

Whenever your straight haired struggles really get you down, remember this: they happen to everyone! You’re not the only girl who wishes her hair would hold a curl or have a little more volume.

On the flip side, there are plenty of ladies with curly hair who wish they had what you have. It’s all about perspective.

Turn your hair frustrations into a little bit of inspiration to try something new. Maybe what you really need is a different cut or color to have fun with your hair again.

For inspiration on what to do with your new style, click here for some awesome celebrity hair transformations.

Top 22 Problems Only Curly Haired Girls Understand

If you were born with wild and crazy curls, luscious waves, or a kinky mane — you know it can be both a blessing and a curse.

Every curly haired girl goes through a phase of having to learn to accept (and manage) their hair. And although we love our curly locks, we also know they can be a serious pain and we have all dealt with girly haired girl problems.

If you’re dealing with extra dry curls and products just aren’t doing it, the problem could also be internal! Try Feelz Good Hairessence All Natural Hair Formula to help smooth out that hair and get the curls you really want.

Can you relate to any of these curly haired probs?

1. The time you decided to wear your hair straight for a special occasion…

curly hair straightening

And then half way through started having regrets when you realized it would take 3 hours and 5 bottles of hair spray and you would have a remaining 10 minutes to get dressed and do your makeup. But it was too late to turn back… Yeah, we’ve been there too.

2. Never getting to participate in fun “hair trends”

fun hair

Bangs? Wrap around braids? Ombre hair dye? The list goes on. If you can manage to make these trends work with your curls, kudos to you girl. Most hair trends are geared toward girls with straight or slightly wavy locks leaving you feeling left out and bored.

3. Hats? Helmets? How about we stick with headbands.

If you ever even try to wear a hat, you had better plan on wearing it ALL day. Because once it comes off you’ll pretty much look like Albert Einstein’s weirdo daughter. Or ever have a guy pick you up on a motorcycle for a date? Try explaining to him why he really doesn’t want you to put on that helmet. When it comes to head accessories, we’ll stick to headbands, thanks.

4. You have to check the weather before you can decide how to do your hair for the day.

You hair basically has a life of its own and that life seems to include a case of seasonal affect disorder. If it’s cloudy, foggy, or raining, your hair just isn’t capable of having a good day.

5. “Bed head” isn’t really a look you get to enjoy

Girl with bed headWhen a curly haired girl wakes up with bedhead it isn’t that adorable look you see on girls in the movies. You know the ones where their hair is slightly puffy and yet totally flattering and symmetrical? Nope, for us it’s more like a tornado came during the night and left some serious damage. Not exactly cute.

6. Washing your hair is a serious undertaking

Woman washing hair

Sure, you don’t usually have to deal with oily hair that needs daily washes but don’t think that saves any time. When you do decide it’s time for a wash, you better hope you have a good chunk of time set aside to get it done. And that doesn’t even get into the time that goes into drying and styling.

7. You’ve spent a small fortune on hair products

Straight haired girls tell you they envy the body and look of your hair but they have no idea how many paychecks deep you are in products to make it look that way. Forget about cuts and colors, just daily maintenance is costing you an arm and a leg.

8. Trying to find a hair tie that holds your hair and doesn’t make you look like a 1980’s hair don’t

You have lazy days like anyone else where you just want to throw your hair up and go. But you had better make sure you bring an extra hair tie or two since they are constantly breaking under the weight of all of your hair. And even having to plan ahead like that on a lazy day is better than relying on the dreaded scrunchy.

9. Getting curls to look smooth and formed without becoming crunchy

Even with all of the fancy products you use to make your curls like soft and tame, just a little too much of the wrong thing can lead you to those gross feeling crunchy curls.

10. Frizz. That is all.

This one is pretty self explanatory. Straight haired girls may think they know what frizzy hair is but they have no idea. The frizz is real for curly girls.

11. Why does everyone want to touch your hair all the time???

You work SO hard to get your hair looking great, frizz free, not crunchy, and then random strangers have the urge to run their fingers through your girls leading to tangles and knots and perfect locks getting all messed up. Seriously people, it’s just not cool.

12. Your version of a top knot is more like a birds nest

Some curly girls totally rock the top knot, and yet it’s just not as effortless as you think it’s supposed to be. Unless you put in some serious effort, your top knot will look more like a good place for a baby bird to take a rest.

13. You’re pretty limited on hair cut options

There’s pretty much medium length with layers, long with layers, or full on afro. No pixie cuts, bangs, short layers, bobs, or much else. You adore your curls but sometimes you just wish you could mix up your styles without ruining your look.

14. You spend over and hour doing your hair and then step outside…

You work so. hard. on getting your hair to look just right. And then you open your front door, catch your reflection in your car window, and it’s already over. If there’s any moisture in the air or the wind decides to blow, you’re probably going to be eating flyaways for the rest of the day.

15. Very few stylists understand your hair and when they do, they cost a fortune

Getting a haircut when you have curly hair can be terrifying. What if they make you look like a founding father, or like the pictures of you on family vacation before your parents understood how to wash your hair? And when you do find a stylist who knows what they’re doing with your curls, getting an appointment and affording that appointment are often totally unrealistic.

16. Growing your hair out long can feel like a lifelong endeavor

It takes soooo much longer for you to grow your hair out than other girls. You love the look of long curls, but it’s hard to deal with all those awkward stages and even harder not to get bored and chop it all off before the 1 million years it takes to have the hair you originally pictured when you started growing it.

But if you’re looking for support to get that hair growing faster, Feez Good has an awesome daily supplement full of nutrients that will help your hair grow faster than ever. Check out Feelz Good Hairessence All Natural Hair Growth Formula

17. You can NEVER wash your hair at night

Sure, you’ve tried. But unless you have another hour or two to dedicate to drying and styling after you wash it, it just can’t be done. Going to bed with wet hair would be the silliest and most pointless decision so even if you’re dying to feel clean, you have to wait until morning (and even then, have to leave time for drying and styling.)

18. You get a million compliments when you straighten your hair

And for like .0001 second you feel really good until you start questioning whether this means that people like you better with straight hair. Then you get stuck in a mind trap about how many hours you would spend in a week or a month or a year or a lifetime if you had to straighten it all the time. Until you snap out of it and realize you don’t care what anyone thinks! You love your curls.

19. That phase in middle school when no one taught you what you were supposed to do with your curly hair

We all had to go through it. And hopefully all of the photo evidence stays safely hidden away in our parents attics only to be retrieved if and when we have curly haired children and need to make them feel better. But of course, we would teach our kids how to manage their hair, so let’s just keep those photos hidden forever after all.

20. Hair tutorials are simply not geared toward you

You know those YouTube videos that show you fun new ways to “throw your hair up” or cute braids that trail down the side of your face? Yeah, literally NONE of those are geared toward you. And you’re just used to it at this point.

21. Brushes and combs are a total joke

If you’re able to comb your hair in the shower with half a bottle of conditioner, you feel lucky. There is no “quick fix” of just brushing your hair quickly to spiff up for a photo or to get out the door quickly. Doing pretty much anything to your hair takes ages and you’re just surprised at all when you break the tooth to your comb or a handle off a hairbrush.

22. It’s hard to get the curls on both sides to look even

Even after slaving away with your diffuser and products, you flip your hair up and realize one side looks way curlier than the other. So then you spend another 10 minutes just trying to even them out or play with your part until it looks normal.

Having curly hair can be tough sometimes. You may long for easy bedhead, sweet simple braids and ponies, or just to be able to wash your hair whenever you want. But at the end of the day, you adore your curly hair and know it’s what makes you who you are.

And plus, on the days when your look is totally on point and your curls are looking amazing, you know every straight haired girl looks at you with envy. And that makes the struggle feel totally worth it.

We all have a hard time with our hair at times. Often, it’s just the genes we’re born with but there are also a lot of factors that impact the health of our hair and can make issues like frizz and hair growth way less stressful. Feelz Good Hairessence All Natural Hair Formula is an amazing supplement that contains many of the vital nutrients your hair needs to be smooth, thick, and healthy and to grow at a healthy pace. If you’re looking for a way to boost your hair health, it’s a perfect place to start.

Keep rocking those gorgeous curls and tell us your most annoying and hilarious curly haired girls problems in the comments.

Top 20 Terrible Things Most Girls Are Doing to Their Hair

Every girl wants gorgeous hair. Whether you are a blonde addicted to dying your hair and going for long mermaid locks or a brunette rocking the pixie cut — most of us have habits that are totally ruining our hair health. If you’re like most girls, you probably don’t even know all of the terrible things you’re doing to your hair!

In fact, you may even think you’re taking really good care of your hair and not realizing that some of your day to day habits are what’s causing your frustrations with your hair. If you’re ready to take better care of your hair and keep it looking thick and beautiful, the first thing you need is to realize the things you’re doing that are ruining your hair.

Taking good care of your hair involves a combination between internal care of your body that supports hair growth and external haircare practices and habits. If you want to support your body to grow strong healthy hair and not even have to think about it, try Feelz Good Hairessence All Natural Hair Growth Formula.

1. Brushing Your Hair When It’s Wet

Top 20 Terrible Things Most Girls Are Doing to Their Hair

Yep, what you’ve heard is true. Brushing your hair when it’s wet is a terrible idea. Hair gets weaker when it’s wet and is more susceptible to breakage. You may think this only applies to longer locks but don’t be fooled! If you have a short, more structured cut, breakages will mess up the look of your hair and make you need to go in for touch ups much sooner.

Similarly, avoid roughly towel drying hair after your shower. All that tossling on fragile, wet hair won’t do you any good.

Ideally, wait until hair is totally dry and spray with a light leave-in conditioner to help remove tangles and brush it out.

2. Using The Wrong Hair Ties

Top 20 Terrible Things Most Girls Are Doing to Their Hair

Ever get totally overwhelmed in hair aisle at the grocery store? Forget about the thousands of options for shampoo and products, choosing hair ties alone can be a battle! When choosing a hair tie, go for something thicker and softer to avoid it pinching and breaking hair.

The old-fashioned scrunchies might be totally out of style but those 1980’s ladies knew what was up when it came to protecting their hair for big, full hairstyles.

Skinny hair ties or anything with super tight elastic or metal pieces can catch on hair and cause pulling and breaking.

3. Sleeping With Your Hair Up

Not only will you wake up with all kinds of kinks and crease lines, you’re also likely to pull out hair that hasn’t reached the end of its growth cycle and put uneven amounts of pull and pressure on different parts of your hair.

If you have very long hair that gets in the way when you’re sleeping, consider something like a loose braid to get hair of the way without putting strain on roots.

4. Too Tight Hairstyles

A nice tight, slick braid, ponytail, or bun can look sleek and stylish. But is it worth the harmful effects? Wearing a tight hairstyle can damage hair by causing breakages and can also lead to hair loss by putting tension on the scalp. Also, tight hairstyles have a tendency to cause headaches or general neck and head pain and tension. Best to save these styles for a special occasion and stick to something loose on the day-to-day.

Top 20 Terrible Things Most Girls Are Doing to Their Hair

5. Using Products Full Of Chemicals

Many hair products are loaded with toxic chemicals that are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream when applied to the hair and scalp. But not only do these chemicals have a negative impact on our overall health, they also have the potential to damage and dry out hair. Many of these chemicals strip hair of its natural oils, causing it to dry out faster and cause more breakage and split ends. But also, certain chemicals can actually damage hair follicles or block them leading to long-term issues with hair regrowth. A 2004 study found that many hair and body products found on the market have lack safety data and many have been linked to health issues during animal testing, and yet are still available on the market today. To be on the safe side, check all hair products for the list of harmful chemicals below and consider shopping at a natural grocery store for hair products with clean ingredients.

Top 20 Terrible Things Most Girls Are Doing to Their Hair

6. Not Taking The Right Supplements

Let’s face it… most of us have a far from perfect diet. If you’re like most adult humans, you’re busy! And it’s not always easy to remember whether or not you’ve eaten the full list of nutrients you need to stay healthy and keep your hair growing strong and beautiful. So often, supplementation is just necessary. It’s way easier to take a daily vitamin than it is to sit and try to count up grams of protein you’ve eaten in a day. For an awesome all in one option that will help keep your hair growing and healthy check out Feelz Good Hairessence All Natural Hair Growth Formula.

7. Eating The Wrong Diet

A lot can be done by adding in the right supplements but without a healthy and balanced diet, your hair will likely suffer. According to the Trichological Society, our diets need a good balance of protein, veggies, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats in order for our hair to thrive. Even conditions like mild anemia (which is extremely common among women) can lead to issues with hair loss.

8. Washing Hair in Hot Water

Top 20 Terrible Things Most Girls Are Doing to Their Hair

Although a nice warm shower is a completely acceptable way to wash hair, using too hot water can cause serious hair damage. It can actually hurt the roots of your hair causing hair loss. Warm water helps open hair shaft and cold water closes them. So ideally, you want to wash your hair in warm water but when you condition, rinse with cold in order to close that hair shaft and help protect it from breakage.

9. Bleaching Your Hair

This one might seem obvious but bleaching your hair is one of the absolute worst things you can do to your hair! It can actually change the structure of your hair follicle, making it weak, susceptible to breakage, dry looking, and frizzy. It may look nice right after you get it done but if you’re struggling to grow hair or get the sleek look you’re going for, lay off the hair dye and see what happens.

10. Not Using Heat Protection

We all know that too much heat on hair can cause long-term damage. In fact, a study done on the effects of blow dryer use showed that using a hair dryer consistently caused significant damage to the surface area of hair shafts. But we all need to style our hair at least sometimes and there are ways to do it safely. Many products called “heat protectants” help to save hair from all of the styling we do by creating a film over hair that makes it heat more slowly and distributes the heat more evenly across hair. If you’re addicted to your straightener or curling iron, invest in a good heat protectant right away.

11. Swimming In Chlorinated Pools With Dry Hair

Top 20 Terrible Things Most Girls Are Doing to Their Hair

Hair is extremely absorbent and soaks water (and chlorine) right up. When you jump into a chlorinated pool with dry hair, your hair soaks up all of the chemicals which can cause serious damage. If you want to protect your hair, all you have to do is get it wet with regular water before hopping in the pool. And you can even use your heat protection products to put a little coat over hair to help protect it while swimming.

12. Getting Too Much Sun

We all want that natural, summery, sun-bleached look of natural highlights — but the sun could be damaging and drying out your hair. Consider wearing a hat when spending extended amounts of time in the sun to help protect your hair from the drying effects of the harsh sun.

13. Never Cleaning Brushes

How long have you had your hairbrush? Have you ever cleaned it? Most girls don’t even know that they need to do this! But all kinds of debris and residue can build up on hair brushes and they need to be cleaned somewhat regularly otherwise you’re just putting all of that gross stuff back into your hair when you brush it. To clean brushes, simply soak them in a solution of baking soda and water and let air dry before use. Repeat once a month.

14. Using The Wrong Shampoo

We know it can be overwhelming to choose from seemingly endless options of shampoos on the market. If you’re like most girls, you’ve probably used a trial and error method of trying to find a shampoo that works for you. And not all shampoos are alike! So it really does matter which type you choose. If you’re confused or overwhelmed, try asking your stylist what they would classify as your hair type during your next appointment and then do some research to find a shampoo with good reviews and clean ingredients that’s made for your particular texture and look.

15. Skipping Deep Conditioning Treatments

You know those deep conditioning treatments stylists are always trying to sell you on? Well, if you use any kind of dye on your hair, they are pretty much essential. Dying hair dries it out and weakens it and when you do a deep conditioning treatment it helps re-strengthen the hair shaft helping protect it from breakage and split ends. But even if you don’t use hair colors, these treatments can make your hair sleek, shiny, and smooth for up to several weeks after you get them done and can be a real game-changer in adding ease to your daily styling.

16. Washing Hair Too Frequently

According to one nationwide survey, 50% of American Women wash their hair every single day. If you’re the oily type, we totally get it. But that said, most stylists agree that somewhere around twice a week is actually a healthier number. Washing hair daily can go two directions – causing dry and brittle hair or causing hair to overproduce oils because it’s constantly being stripped of the natural ones. If you’re struggling to find the balance, invest in some high quality dry shampoo while your hair adjusts and consider switching to a gentler shampoo that doesn’t strip your hair of all of its natural oils.

17. Picking At Split Ends

Top 20 Terrible Things Most Girls Are Doing to Their Hair

We hope this one is obvious but since we still see girls doing it, it still needs to be said! When you start getting splits, it’s time for a trim. If you pick at your split ends you’ll often make them worse and cause the split to travel up the hair causing even more damage. If you find yourself picking, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your stylist.

18. Styling Hair Every Day

This goes back to the danger of using too much heat on your hair as well as those tight hairstyles. Both can be bad for hair when used too often. Consider switching up your hair routine day to day going from a wash and a style to wearing it down for a couple of day, then a day or of a loose, comfortable updo, and then back to another wash. This rotation will help you keep a good balance of use of heat as well as a balance on not over washing or wearing too many tight ponytails.

19. Overusing Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a wonderful resource, especially if you’re working on cutting down the number of washes you do per week. But it also shouldn’t be overused! Too much dry shampoo can cause buildup that can clog hair follicles and can lead to “hair pain” where the root of hair becomes stiff and makes scalp feel painful.

20. Getting Bored Quickly

Boredom is the catalyst for many extreme hair makeovers. We’re always trying to transform our look by trying new cuts and colors. But too many changes can be detrimental to the health of your hair. Particularly if you tend to dye and re-dye it different shades. If you’re looking to switch it up but want to keep your hair healthy, consider playing with things like extensions, hair accessories like feathers or headbands, or even a wig for fun events! And let your natural hair stay healthy.

And if you’re trying to recover hair from one too many bad choices, try supplementing with Feelz Good Hairessence All Natural Hair Growth Formula to return your hair to it’s thick and luscious texture.

It’s a lot of work at times to be a girl and keep our hair looking good all of the time. But you don’t have to spend a ton of time or money to develop a healthy and attractive hair routine. Do some experimenting to find out what wash and style routine can work for your hair and consider switching any chemical filled products with more natural options. And don’t forget that health and nutrition play a role as well! Focus on a balanced diet and the right supplements and your hair will be looking like mermaid locks before you know it.

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Feelz Good is a supplement company focused on developing functional products for your health and wellness. We take the concept of “FUNCTIONALITY” very seriously. Our products are designed and formulated as to deliver ingredients that really work. Our team dives deeply into the available published studies in order to provide state-of-the-art formulas for you and your family.

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The Most Important Thing to Eat to Combat Hair Loss and Brittle Nails

Hair loss, exhaustion, brittle nails, acne, sleep disorders, body aches… These symptoms have become accepted by most of us as everyday complications, but too often they can develop into long-term health issues that can deplete your quality of life if they are not properly addressed. While most people have suffered from one or several of these symptoms during particularly challenging periods of their lives, the cause is not often understood.

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

The Most Important Thing to Eat to Combat Hair Loss and Brittle Nails

Now, the health community is discussing a condition believed to affect the majority of people around the world. Adrenal fatigue is a syndrome classified by the many physical symptoms related to chronic stress. The adrenal glands, located just above each kidney, play key roles in maintaining functions of the body including metabolism, blood pressure and hair and nail health. However, many people know the adrenal glands primarily as producers of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. These are the hormones that thrust the body into fight or flight mode when you experience stressful situations.

When you begin feeling stressed, the adrenal glands will release cortisol to prepare your body to quickly spring into action. Unfortunately, stress is almost never a singular occurrence, so your body finds itself constantly physically preparing for danger. This can be quite burdensome for the adrenal glands and eventually leads to adrenal fatigue, in which the glands cannot function at their needed performance.

Signs You Have Adrenal Fatigue:


  • Sleep Disorders like insomnia
  • Hair loss
  • Brittle nails
  • Dry skin
  • Trouble focusing
  • Body aches
  • Skin problems such as oily skin and adult acne
  • Weight balance issues
  • Irritability

Adrenal Fatigue and Hair Loss

The Most Important Thing to Eat to Combat Hair Loss and Brittle Nails

Now that you understand how stress can cause adrenal fatigue, you might be wondering what this does to your hair health. One of the more common symptoms of adrenal fatigue is hair loss, a condition that can cause you even more frustration and stress. Hair health is directly impacted by your adrenals because constant stress hinders the body’s ability to absorb the vitamins and nutrients needed for thick, healthy hair.

As the body copes with continuous stress, the adrenal glands will reduce the production of hormones that maintain strong and healthy hair in favor of releasing cortisol. Then, when the adrenal glands become overworked from ongoing cortisol release, they stop functioning and producing hormones properly.  This process is one of the root causes of hair loss.

Adrenal Fatigue and Brittle Nails

Like your hair, your nails need plenty of vitamins and nutrients to stay strong and grow. Adrenal fatigue can make it arduous for your body to absorb these vital vitamins like biotin, protein, zinc and magnesium. Specifically, biotin is shown to be a key vitamin to keep nails strong and growing. One study found that out of 71 patients who were administered biotin to improve brittle nails, 91% showed improvements in firmness and hardness. Unfortunately, high cortisol levels are shown to cause biotin to leak from the body and not be absorbed. Without proper sustenance, your nails become dry and brittle. This can lead to poorer appearance, splitting, cracking and breaking.

How to Combat Hair Loss and Brittle Nails

The Most Important Thing to Eat to Combat Hair Loss and Brittle Nails

Don’t lose hope just yet! Although adrenal fatigue can be long and tiresome, there are a few lifestyle changes then can put you back on track and feeling like yourself again. The foods, vitamins and minerals you consume can make or break your health so when it comes to adrenal fatigue, it’s no surprise that unhealthy eating can trigger numerous health problems like hair loss.

The Number One Vitamin for Healthy Hair, Nails and Skin

Although there are a few different dietary changes that can help your hair, nails and skin stay healthy, one certainly deserves its place at the top of the list.

Remember biotin? The B-complex vitamin that gets sucked out of your body when your cortisol levels are high? It’s hard to talk about hair or nail health without hearing about it. Biotin has been used for years to promote shinier, thicker, growing hair. Also known as Vitamin H, biotin can be absorbed in small amounts from foods like cauliflower, liver, eggs, almonds and carrots. As a water-soluble vitamin, biotin is used and eliminated by the body after about two hours. The body cannot keep stores of it, so it must be consumed in your daily diet. This is partially why many people take biotin in supplement form, however, the quality and potency of the biotin products you see on the market are not always consistent.

How to Take Biotin for Healthy Hair and Strong Nails

Looking for a good biotin blend to add to your diet?

It can be tricky to navigate the hundreds upon hundreds of biotin products on the market. For the best results, check the label for potency testing. High-quality biotin should be tested at every stage for purity. Also, check for added ingredients. You’ll want biotin that has no preservatives, artificial colors, or potential allergens such as wheat or soy. For a pure high-quality blend, try Hairessence by Feelz Good. It contains biotin and other beneficial ingredients like MCT Oil that can help your hair get back on track.

The Science Behind Biotin’s Beauty Benefits

Why is this b-complex vitamin so commonly used for hair and skin health?

Biotin’s popularity is fueled by a handful of studies that show it to promote hair growth and nail strength. One of these findings was a double-blind study of women with thinning hair in 2012 that found biotin “significantly increased hair growth.” Study participants also saw “improvements in overall hair volume and thickness and scalp coverage.” An earlier study in 1993 found biotin to also help with nail strength.

Biotin also plays an important role in the production of proteins, which make up hair follicles and nails. This is why biotin deficiencies are associated with hair loss. The body needs adequate biotin to keep the hair and nails healthy, which can be challenging when cortisol levels are high.

If you are experiencing hair loss or brittle nails, you may want to incorporate more biotin into your meals. Try adding protein-rich foods and plenty of vegetables to every plate. Read on below to see some of the most beneficial hair and nail health foods.

Protein-Rich Foods


Food is one of the critical lifestyle components not only to your endocrine system health but also your immunity. Especially during periods of suffering through chronic stress, the foods you put into your body can give life back to cracking skin, brittle nails, dull hair and even hair loss. You can recover from the effects of adrenal fatigue by eating hair and skin healthy foods like the ones below.

Unsurprisingly, many of these foods are great for hair and skin health because they contain ingredients like biotin, MCTs and other B vitamins. If you have trouble incorporating them into your diet or simply want to give your hair and nails a boost of strength and health, try a pure blend like Hairessence by Feelz Good.

Brazil Nuts


Rich in selenium, a handful of brazil nuts gives your skin, nails and hair the antioxidants they need to combat damaging free radicals and speed up cell regeneration. Brazil nuts also contain zinc, which is known to gently reduce inflammation. After a prolonged period of chronic stress, some people might notice more breakouts and redness present on their skin. Eating anti-inflammatory foods may help soothe any inflamed skin caused by adrenal fatigue. As an added bonus, having healthier and evenly-toned skin will also benefit your mental health and self-confidence!



The Most Important Thing to Eat to Combat Hair Loss and Brittle Nails

Packed with protein and biotin, eggs are great nourishment for your beauty routine. Eggs also contain ingredients like zinc and iron that are crucial hair, skin and nail health. It’s important to note that although eggs are great for hair and nail health, high consumption of dairy is not recommended for people who are suffering from adrenal fatigue. Try keeping dairy to a minimum, or if your adrenal fatigue is more severe, opt for a biotin supplement instead.

Almond Butter


Sweet, satisfying and great for your beauty health routine! Natural nut butters are full of nutrients like fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, protein and, you guessed it, biotin. Almonds, in particular, seem to be very beneficial sources of the biotin needed to rebuild strong hair follicles and nails. The Vitamin E found in almond butter promotes collagen production that improves the skin, hair, nails and teeth.



The Most Important Thing to Eat to Combat Hair Loss and Brittle Nails

With such high antioxidant content, blueberries are an obvious choice for boosting your overall health and immunity. The antioxidants found abundantly in blueberries protect cells from free radical damage that can trigger stress hormones like cortisol. Filling up on antioxidants can help you break the stress cycle and let your cells repair and regrow.

If you’ve been feeling more sluggish and exhausted than usual, try incorporating blueberries into your breakfasts and mid-day snacks. They can provide an energy boost that is low in calories, sweet and full of vitamins and minerals.



The Most Important Thing to Eat to Combat Hair Loss and Brittle Nails

Since the body cannot make its own omega-3 fatty acids, it must obtain it from foods like salmon. Omega-3s are linked to promoting healthier, shinier hair and strengthening the nails. They are also known to reduce inflammation that flares up on the face when cortisol levels are high. Salmon is also rich in protein, which makes this food a great all-around beauty booster.

Replenish Hair and Nails with MCT Oil

Coconut oil is possibly one of the most popular natural beauty products on the market and there’s a good reason why. Medium-chain triglycerides called MCTs make up the majority of the healthy fats found in coconut oil. They are linked to numerous benefits that affect several areas of the body, including your hair and nails.

Studies have found MCTs to have antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic properties that can prevent infections on the nails. MCTs also keep the hair moisturized and thus prevent common problems such as breakage, itchiness and dandruff.

MCTs aren’t just great for your beauty routine, they are also shown to have positive effects on cognitive health. Fatty acids play a crucial role in brain health and can even promote memory and cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients, according to studies. A well-nourished brain can help you power through even the most stressful weeks, so make sure you’re eating plenty of MCTs in your diet or taking a potent supplement blend.

Vitamin A for Hair Growth

Hair loss, dry scalp, cracking skin? It might be time to check your Vitamin A levels. Vitamin A is rich in antioxidants, which are necessary to combat the release of free radicals that can harm your hair health and growth. Vitamin A also promotes hair regeneration, so it’s important to maintain a balanced diet including this healthful vitamin if your hair needs to recover from stress-induced damage. Vitamin A can be consumed in foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, eggs, spinach and broccoli.

Recipe for Hair Loss and Brittle Nails

Are you ready to give you hair and nails the recovery they so deeply need?

This simple little recipe is the perfect addition to a balanced diet. Just take 2-3 tablespoons of this blend a week to keep your adrenal glands healthy and functioning.


  • 5 tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil
  • 3/4 cup dried parsley
  • 2-3 tablespoons finely minced ginger root
  • 4-5 tablespoons natural honey or agave nectar
  • 2/3 cup brazil nuts


  • Blend parsley and brazil nuts in a food processor or blender.
  • Then combine mixture with honey, ginger and coconut oil.
  • Mix together under smooth.
  • Place mix into a jar, then 1-2 tablespoons in the morning to promote healthy adrenal gland function.

Other Ways to Promote Hair, Nail, and Skin Health

Even the smallest life adjustments can do a lot for your mental and physical health. Along with a nutritious diet, incorporating more time for sleep and exercise can help your body release stress in a positive way. Specifically, exercise can give an outlet to the release of cortisol your body produces when it believes it is encountering danger. Physical activity can not only help relieve that energy but also benefit your weight balance, immunity and cognitive health.

But again, for a daily boost in hair, nail and skin health, try Hairessence by Feelz Good. You won’t be disappointed!


Feelz Good is a supplement company focused on developing functional products for your health and wellness. We take the concept of “FUNCTIONALITY” very seriously. Our products are designed and formulated as to deliver ingredients that really work. Our team dives deeply into the available published studies in order to provide state-of-the-art formulas for you and your family.

We are proud to announce our very first product: Hairessence. Tailored for all hair types, Hairessence is here to unveil the confidence of every woman. We think every woman is special. So is Hairessence.