13 Easiest Hairstyles That Make You Look Like You Tried

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Getting ready in the morning isn’t easy when you’re tired, haven’t had that first cup of coffee, and you’re still attempting to wake up. Still, you want to look ready for the new day.

For some that means a busy day at work, cleaning the home and running errands, or a busy day at school. Whatever mornings mean to you, you want to feel great and look your best no matter where you’re off to.

If you don’t want to spend hours with a curling iron or invest in a lot of product, here are some of the easiest hairstyles that look great no matter what you’re doing. You’ll look your best with very little effort, letting everyone assume you tried.

Learn more about the best and most simple styles out there for all types of hair.

1. Try a Rope Braid Even if Your Hair is Still Wet

When your hair is still wet, you don’t want to spend time in front of the hair dryer until it looks perfectly smooth. This is especially true if you have long curly hair and you know there’s a method to taming your mane.

Rather than spend time trying to get your hair looking perfect, opt for a rope braid. This is ideal for anyone who wants their hair out of their face and needs a simple look that ties everything together.

If you’re tired of your everyday look and want something that is elegant yet simple enough to throw together in minutes, the rope braid has you covered for one of the easiest hairstyles.

2. Fake Everyone Out With a Faux Hawk or a Faux Undercut

Faux looks are a lot of fun to play around with. They allow you to get an idea of how your hair would look, without fully committing to a radical hairstyle.

There are two kinds of looks you can try with your hair that involve faking everyone out. The best part is, they don’t take much effort or time to get your hair ready this way.

With texturizing spray, you can learn to do the faux undercut here.

What if you want a change, and need a somewhat wild look for the weekend? That’s exactly the time to sample a faux hawk and see how it looks on you.

The look gets completed easily enough when you have bobby pins, elastics, and hair that is either curly or hasn’t gotten washed in a few days.

If you’ve always wanted to try out this bold look and see how it fits you, now is the time. Besides looking unique and fun, these are some of the most fun hairstyles to do in the morning.

3. See How Much Fun a Sock Bun Is and Why It’s One of the Easiest Hairstyles

Image: Wikipedia Commons under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License

If you want a look that is warm and romantic but keeps the hair off your face, consider getting a sock bun.

Just as the name suggests, this is a bun you put in your hair, perhaps leaving a few loose, flowing tendrils to soften the look. But the twist is, unlike a regular bun which uses a million pins and a couple of elastics, you use a sock.

This tutorial explains how simple it is to create one, meaning you’ll spend only a few minutes getting it together before you’re out the door. That makes a twist on this fun and classic look one of the easiest hairstyles you can wear.

4. Make a Pin Triangle to Keep Hair Pulled Back While Still Looking Cute

Video Courtesy of HeyHay/YouTube

What if you want a simple look that looks normal up front, but throws everyone for a plot twist once they get a glimpse of the back? That makes the pin triangle look an excellent choice.

For one of the easiest hairstyles, simply gather two pieces of hair back to the front, and secure with three flat pins, creating a triangle.

The result is a fun and unique look that you can wear to the office or while going out for the evening, and look classy with a hint of sass. If you don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror, try this look on for size and see how you like the results.

5. Try Triple Buns For Something Completely Different For Some of the Easiest Hairstyles

Video Courtesy of Cute Girls Hairstyles/YouTube

We’ve mentioned the sock bun, and how it’s an easy go-to for anyone looking for a quick and easy fix. If you’re in the mood for something that’s work appropriate while turning heads, try the triple bun threat.

Divide your hair into three buns. One higher using the upper panels of hair, and two on either side of your neck, using the lower panels. Secure them with elastic, and you’ll avoid the necessity of pins to keep your buns in check.

If you’re going on vacation and are looking for the easiest hairstyles while you’re in the ocean or touching down on the plane, these are some of your best bets.

6. Use a Fancy Decoration and Try a Vintage-Inspired Look

Sometimes it’s not what you do with your hair in terms of style, but how you finish the whole thing off.

No matter what texture, color, or length your hair is, try dressing it up with a vintage hair decoration. It doesn’t matter if it’s actual or faux-vintage, but the feeling that it gives off when you put it on.

Try clipping back just a small portion of your hair, and letting the accessory take front and center stage as you wear it. This makes it one of the easiest hairstyles you’ll ever wear, looking perfect for weddings, formal occasions, and especially a costume party.

7. See How Stylish the Bubble Braid is in a Matter of Minutes

Video Courtesy of Courtelizz1/YouTube

The bubble braid is a relaxed look that many women enjoy no matter where they are headed to. The bubble braid is one of the easiest hairstyles to throw together in a matter of minutes.

You have the choice to start as high or low on the head as you’d like. Although no actual braiding takes place, you’ll section off the hair with elastics, giving it a ripple or bubble effect, hence the name.

Putting the look together means you can make the hairstyle as intricate or simple as you’d like. Go with your gut and create a bubble braid that expresses your individuality and personality, and you’ll look picture perfect no matter where you’re headed.

8. Disguise a Messy Bun and Make It Look Natural

What if your bun looked totally natural, like you’d didn’t try anything, and you just rolled out of bed looking fabulous? That’s possible when you create a messy bun and hide all evidence that you tried.

When you create this look, you’ll do a messy bun any way you prefer. The only difference is, this time you’ll save a strand of hair, and use that to wrap around any pins, elastics, or whatever you use to hold your look together.

The end result is one of the easiest hairstyles that looks cute, casual, is perfect for days off or the weekend, and doesn’t look like you spent all day in front of the mirror.

9. Double-Layer a Pony Tail to Make it Look Even Longer

Ponytails are fun and easy to wear. Many women throw their hair up in one when working out or running errands.

But what if you want to go out somewhere and dress up your normal casual look with something cute? That is where the double-layer ponytail comes in as another of the easiest hairstyles you’ll ever wear.

If you want to make your hair look longer or bigger than it normally is, create a double ponytail by dividing the hair into an upper ponytail, along with a lower one. It’s a great way to look like you have long hair and works well with anyone who has curly hair but wants a sleeker look.

10. Keep It Simple Yet Trendy With a Headband or Hair Wrap Band

If you have straight hair, it’s easy to feel like there’s nothing exciting you can do with your look. Among the problems that straight-haired girls face include feeling like there’s nothing, they can do to make it different.

Now’s the time to try a headband, or the newest edition, a hair wrap band. This versatile accessory makes putting together the easiest hairstyles a breeze.

Hair wrap bands are similar to their cousin, the traditional headband, but offer more cloth and almost an athletic look. This makes it great even if you aren’t working out, or want to accessorize your hair in a totally different fashion.

11. See How a Crown Braid Looks as One of the Easiest Hairstyles to Try

A crown braid allows you to have a fun look that makes you feel like a queen and works for a variety of occasions. It’s ideal for any type of hair, from braided to curly to straight, and only takes a few minutes to pull the whole thing together.

Simply pull back a piece of hair on either side of your head from the front, and secure it with pins in the back. The result is a beautiful look that takes you from plain to princess and hardly involves any extra work.

If you’re stumped on what type of hairstyle to wear the next morning, this ranks high among easiest hairstyles to wear when you’ve stumbled out of bed and don’t know what to do.

12. Try a Few Simple Curls

If you naturally have straight hair, you’re looking for a something that makes you look and feel different. If that’s the case, curls might be the answer.

Depending on the style you’re trying to achieve, curls can take a lot of time. Instead, try a couple curls throughout your hair. using a curling iron and aim for a loose, mermaid look.

This takes little time, making it another one of the easiest hairstyles you’ll pull out of your bag of tricks. It’s ideal for those special occasions where you want to stand out and feel special, but still don’t want to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror.

13. Make a Classic French Ponytail

French ponytails are a classic way to dress up hair and get it out of your face. There are many variations on how to create a French braid, but none of them take much time.

For the easiest hairstyle involving French braids, you’ll begin by gathering hair from the front and the side of your head, pulling it back and making a ponytail. You’ll connect the rest of the hair and down the middle making the second ponytail, and repeat once more down the lower half again for a third.

The process is simple, and you’ll get out in the door under five minutes when you choose to create this laid-back look.

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When seeking the easiest hairstyles to get you ready and out the door in a short amount of time, there’s a variety to choose from. Find one that works for you, and add others to your little box of tricks.

Before you know it, you’ll have backup hairstyles that’ll keep you looking great no matter how late you woke up.

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