The Best Haircuts for Round Faces

Not all haircuts are created equal.

Sure, we want to keep up with the trends or try something new to mix up our look, but the reality is, not all haircuts look good on all face shapes.

The shape of your face is important to understand and consider when changing your hair, otherwise you might wind up an unhappy customer. Some cuts look significantly better on particular face shapes and others will only enhance an appearance you may be actively trying to distract from.

Round face shapes seem to have the hardest time finding their most face-flattering cut. But if you’re struggling to find the best haircuts for round faces, we’re here to help.

We’ve narrowed down a list of definite do’s (and several don’ts) that will make selecting the right cut a breeze.

Do You Need to Be Looking at Haircuts for Round Faces?

This may sound like a given, but since we aren’t able to really view ourselves objectively, we might think we have a round face when in fact, we don’t.

There are some face shapes like heart-shaped and square that people sometimes mistake as a round shaped face.

Here are some foolproof ways to determine if you should be perusing haircuts for round faces:

Draw a straight line with your index finger from your temple to your jaw bone.

If you don’t have a round face shape, your finger will start to move in as you head down your face, getting closer to your cheekbone and jaw. If your finger stays on pretty much the same plane, you do indeed have a round face.

You don’t have to whip out the measuring tape, but try to make sure the width and length of your face are about the same size, making it very symmetrical. If they look about the same in length, you likely have a round shaped face.

Most people with round face shapes have softer, less angular features like a smaller nose and a rounded chin. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to keep reading.

Once we have confirmation on a round face shape, let’s get to work on finding the best haircuts for round faces.

Pixie Cut With Pieces

Short hair, don’t care! A pixie cut can be one of the more flattering haircuts for round faces.

Your soft features and symmetrical face makes allow you to rock a super short do, no problem.

If you’re going with the pixie cut, be sure to add long sweeping pieces in the front, to draw the eye down and make the overall style appear less round.

Having some volume on the top and toward the back of your head with edgy pieces around the forehead will lengthen your face and make it appear thinner and less full.

Adding length and dimension will always make your face appear longer. This doesn’t apply to short cuts exclusively but is essential to pull one off with a round face. There are plenty of ways to trick the eye into seeing a longer face shape with shorter hair using layers and styling techniques.

Not every face shape can rock a pixie. But this look is one of the edgier, fashion-forward haircuts for round faces, so why not go for it?


A longer bob, aka, a “lob” is one of the ideal haircuts for round faces when going short but not too short like the pixie mentioned above.

The key is hitting the sweet spot in terms of length and you need to be particular on this to pull on the look effectively. You want the hair to graze the area between your chin and shoulder for the best result. Add volume where you can.

Some height to your hair will make your face shape appear less round.

Be sure to keep the bob shaggy and textured if possible. Soft layers and dimension will avoid the short hair from looking like a wig or a helmet around your face.

With a bob, having movement is an absolute must. You want the hair to move freely around your face so the eyes focus more on the shape of your cut as opposed to the shape of your face.

Unlike with other haircuts for round faces, the number one thing you want to avoid is a style that sticks out on the side of your head. It’s important to keep in mind the texture of your hair, how it dries naturally and the time you’ll put into styling it on a daily basis when considering a bob.

If your hair is super thick or tends to frizz or puff out after drying, a bob will likely accentuate the roundness of your features and draw more attention to your face shape.

Round faces tend to be extremely symmetrical, so offsetting it with an asymmetrical cut can give the illusion of a longer face.

A side-swept bang paired with a mid-length bob frames round faces well and draws the attention away from the shape of your face, highlighting the different layers and textures of the cut.

Shoulder Length

If you’re going for a shoulder length do, try having the ends cut blunt with tons of texture. This blunt look is very on trend right now and lends itself to a just-rolled-out-bed, laid-back appearance.

Please keep in mind (and be sure to tell your stylist) that blunt cut ends do not mean all your hair should be cut one length. You can have blunt ends without having to forgo layers and textures. Blunt cut simply means the ends aren’t cut at an angle.

You’ll still want your stylist to chop it up and undercut it, especially if your hair is thick or heavy.

Shoulder length hair has a natural sophistication to it already, but the straight ends of your hair, when cut bluntly, will be a nice contrast to the curves in your face.

This is one of the haircuts for round faces which can be styled many ways, from stick straight to loose waves, there’s a lot of versatility with this look.

When styling this cut, if you have blunt ends, be sure to leave them out of the curling iron so they stay straight, even when you wave your hair. This is what will keep the look edgy and of-the-moment.

A side-swept bang as mentioned with the bob also pairs well with shoulder-length hair. So, if you’re growing your hair out from a shorter cut, you can keep trimming your bangs and the look with grow with your hair.


Midlength hair is one of the more forgiving haircuts for round faces. There are more options when it comes to cut and style now that your hair is a bit longer.

You will definitely want to layer throughout, to add length and avoid making it look like there’s a picture frame around your face, which will only amplify its shape.

Instead, choppy or soft layers will draw the eyes down and make your face appear longer and thinner.

You can wear this looks straight by styling it with a flatiron or use a wide curling iron for loose, beachy waves.

You can also easily rock a whispy or side swept bang with midlength hair. The distance between the bottom of your bangs and the bottom of you midlength cut will give the illusion of a longer, thinner face shape.

Long Hair

If you want to have long, luscious hair, be sure to keep it sleek and close to the face.

Huge waves or big curls will only add more roundness to your already round face shape by creating a circular shape with your hair that will mimic your features.

While there should still be movement in the length so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a wig, you don’t have to be as committed to visible layers as your do with shorter cuts.

Try long layers and a flat iron. This is a sleek and edgy look that will bring the eye down instead of out and is a great way to keep the hair close to your face, making it look longer.

If you’re going with a long haircut, consider doing a side part. The asymmetry will give length to a round face, making it appear more oval in shape. However, long hair is the one haircut for round faces where you can get away with wearing a middle part more easily.

A layered bang is a nice addition to haircuts for round faces.

Be sure the keep the bangs whispy, layered and dimensional. Think Brigit Bardot or Dakota Johnson. Their bangs aren’t too thick, helping to avoid a heavy look which can bring you down and let your bangs run the show.

Things to Avoid

Just as there are plenty of options for haircuts for round faces, there are some things to avoid the next time you hit the hair salon.

Here are some looks that might work against you and things to keep in mind when deciding on a new haircut:

Blunt bangs – These are hard for anyone to pull off well, but especially challenging on haircuts for round faces.

Blunt bangs will draw attention to your face shape and make it look rounder than it is because the bangs will so tightly frame your face, there will be nothing else to notice besides its shape.

Sleek short hair – A super short, sleek do is not necessarily one of the best haircuts for round faces. It will immediately draw extra attention to any face shape because you have nowhere to hide.

With this type of cut, you’ll have nothing to frame your face and your attention will continue to be in the round shape. You’ll want to avoid anything that is super close to your head, especially when the hair is short. Even putting your hair in a sleek ponytail will make the face appear more round.

Try putting your hair in a high bun to achieve the ever elusive volume we all strive for.

Jaw length bob– Haircuts for round faces can be tricky enough and a short cut can be even more difficult to pull off.

When it comes to the bob, either go super short, keeping it above the chin, or stay a little longer, below the jaw and above the shoulders. You want to avoid having a bob that hits your jaw. It will give your face an even fuller look, especially if the cut lacks layers.

Center parts – Some people are committed to a center part. It’s a very relaxed look and has been on trend for a while.

If this is you, we say go for it. But know that a center part will make your face look wider and fuller because it’s just overkill on the symmetry.

Parting your hair off center forces the eyes to go to different places around the face and creates the illusion of length.

If you’re committed to a center part, try to pair it with longer hair, layers, and texture to pull the eyes down. A center pair with shorter hair will certainly round out the face more.

Anything all one length – If you’re trying to add length to your face, you definitely want to avoid having a haircut that is all one length, no matter the style.

Long or short, one length hair will overly frame your face and box you in, drawing attention to the roundness of your face.

Do You

As you can see above, there are a variety of haircuts for round faces to choose from. And the best part is, you don’t have to limit your look to a particular length. Round face shapes can rock it all; from pixie to long hair.

The thing to remember is shaping and styling the cut to frame your face well, adding more length whenever possible.

Words to remember are long layers, movement, volume, texture, and asymmetry.

At the end of the day, you have to pick the cut that’s right for you, your hair type and your lifestyle.

This list should help you communicate what you want and need to your hairstylist when you go in for your next cut. You’ll also have an arsenal of haircuts for round faces and styles to avoid when trying to make your face appear less round.

Now you’re one step closer to a haircut that brings out the best in you and makes you feel confident!

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