Straight Haired Girl Problems

Straight haired girls have similar obstacles to dealing with style as curly haired women. Read on to learn what you can do to capture the styles you love.

Every girl always wishes their hair could do a bit more than what it already does.

Some ladies dream of one day rocking a short, pixie-like cut instead of long locks. Others only want their hair to grow faster.

Not to mention the constant debate of loving curls versus wanting to tame them, or enjoying the ease of straight hair instead of looking for some ways to spice it up. If you’re a straight haired girl, you know exactly what the latter looks like.

Dealing with straight hair can sometimes mean you get the best hair days without even trying. Most of the time, though, it creates a bunch of problems you’ve just come to learn to live with.

Thankfully, there are some solutions available for straight haired ladies to have fun with their looks. But first, let’s dive into all the issues that come with having straight hair.

The Most Common (and Frustrating!) Straight Haired Girl Problems

From all the hair that falls out in the shower to the struggle of dressing up your hair and do something different, straight haired girls always have something to deal with.

If you’ve never noticed this much, or if you just got a hair relaxing treatment, go through this list. There are bound to be more things you deal with than you think!

1. The Thick Versus Thin Issue

Thin straight hair falls flat. Like, super flat.

Thick hair, on the other hand, is almost always a tangled mess.

Thick tangled hair

How are you supposed to win? Well, although you can’t really change the thickness of your hair, you can find ways to manage it better.

Try telling your stylist to do a thinning cut the next time you get your haircut. This is a special skill that is done with shears to make your hair sit with a little less volume – although, it’s hard to imagine why any straight haired girl would want less volume.

If really thin hair instead of thickness is your issue, you just have to find ways to pump up your roots, like teasing. That is the secret to the ultimate volume.

2. Effortless Messy Looks Actually Require Tons of Effort

Speaking of teasing, keep a comb handy if you’re ever trying to go for that whole “just rolled out of bed” look.

This is something that straight haired girls often mistake is only for curly hair. You can totally rock this look too.

The trick is actually to let some of your tangles be until the end of the day. This might feel a little strange, but the whole point is to not look entirely put together, right?

3. No Way You Can Hold Real Waves…

Getting the hang of the slightly teased, messy look may inspire you to see if you can finally get the waves you’ve always dreamed of.

Maybe you can for a few moments, but it’s hard to keep these waves going all day long. Try all the curling irons and messy buns you want; you’ll still end up looking straight haired at the end of the day.

It’s a bummer to realize, we know.

4. …But You’ve Spent Enough Money Trying

Sometimes, you think the secret to stylish waves is to find the right hair products. So, you end up buying all the creams and sprays that claim to make curls happen.

These usually only get used once or twice until you realize it’s no use.

It’s a cycle that is sure to frustrate your fashion efforts. But, it probably upsets your wallet even more! Unless you’re absolutely sure a product will do what you want it to, save your money and your patience with your hair.

5. Stray Hairs Always Stray

It’s one thing to test what your hair can do when you’re trying to manipulate it in ways you know, deep down, that won’t work. It’s another when all you want to do is just rock your favorite straight haired style without having a stray hair!

There is always at least one hair that decides it doesn’t want to go with the rest. This may mess up your part or stick straight up.

Or, it could be a pesky little baby hair that you still don’t know how to deal with. Don’t worry, it can take years to finally learn how to actually manage baby hairs.

6. You Can’t Have a No-Wash Day

Realizing you can, in fact, do something about baby hairs is a feeling that is almost like discovering the joys of dry shampoo.

Having to wash your hair every single day is a straight haired problem that no one with curls will ever understand. This means you always need a certain time to shower, instead of just running out the door when you’re behind on time. It also means you go through a ridiculous amount of shampoo.

With dry shampoo, though, you can at least get away with one day of not washing!

The trick is to not overdo the way you apply it. Remember, dry shampoo is meant to just pick up the extra grease and dirt in your hair – don’t apply it the way you would hairspray.

Actually, look for a dry shampoo that is powder-based instead of a spray.

The powder works better to soak into your roots without sticking to the rest of your hair. This results in the look you want, as in one that is not weighed down or looks even greasier.

7. Growing Out Your Hair Is the Real Struggle

No matter how often you’re washing your hair, you’re probably still waiting for it to grow.

This is one of the hardest things for girls to come to terms with, regardless of what kind of hair they have. Between being curly haired or straight haired, you either wish it would grow faster or you find yourself in the salon all the time.

For those wishing to grow their hair longer, look into oral vitamins you can take that will support hair growth. Mind you, though, these will support hair growth all over your body.

If you prefer a short haircut, try playing with different ways to manage your length in-between cuts. The more creative you get, the less money you spend on that bi-weekly trim! You can also learn how to cut your ends yourself.

8. Styling Options Are Limited

Although there are some ways to manage hair that is growing out, when it comes to doing this with straight hair, the options are limited. This goes for any kind of styling, actually.

Want that awesome top bun? Hope you’re ready to use a lot of hair to make it nice and thick.

Trying to get a full, sexy blowout? Good luck making that last all night before your hair falls flat.

This may sound a bit harsh, but it’s the reality of many straight haired girls! Trust us, we feel your pain.

For the best straight hair styling options, stick to cute accessories and trying new braids. This will switch up your style in ways you can be sure will look good.

9. Styling Struggles Are Worse

There is a catch to trying the options mentioned above, though.

If you have layers or stray hairs that need holding, forget about using bobby pins. Unless you’re using these on a large chunk of hair, they won’t hold. This is because straight hair is often too thin to create enough tension for the bobby pin.

As you’re moving around throughout the day, you’ll feel the consequences of this because the pins become looser and looser. This continues until the bobby pins fall out completely.

Thinking about holding your hair in a ponytail rather than relying on bobby pins? If so, be ready to keep it up all day long.

Straight haired girls always end up with ponytail dents.

Maybe it’s been so long since you’ve put your hair in a ponytail that you’ve forgotten. All you need is one time of taking your hair out and looking at that bump to remind yourself it’s not a good look.

10. You Still Have to Straighten with Heat

The good thing about bumps is you can straighten them out. If you’re transitioning from a relaxed day look to an all-out evening outfit, make sure you’ve got your straightener handy.

Actually, you should always have it ready to go.

Even the most straight haired girls will agree your style just looks better when you run a straightener through it all. This ensures everything is as even and well-kept as possible. It makes you look confident and prepares you for the whole night ahead.

11. Wind Is Your Worst Enemy

What’s the worst part about having to straighten your hair? Having it messed up by the end.

Every straight haired girl knows the struggle of riding around with the top down, going on a boat, or just walking on the sidewalk on a particularly windy day. Such situations turn your hair into tangle central.

The wind easily tosses all your strands together to create a messy look that is anything but cute, and a knotted mess that is pretty painful.

12. Tangles Always Find a Way to Happen

Wind is the easiest way to turn your great straight haired look into a bad hair day.

But, it’s not the only way straight strands get all tangled up. Tangles are a common issue for straight haired girls.

They can happen while you’re driving, out shopping, or just laying on the couch! To best keep this pesky issue at bay, keep a comb with you at all times.

Simple Solutions for Straight Hair

With every issue, there comes a solution. But, it’s best to have a few go-to quick fixes for straight hair, instead of having to come up with something for every different scenario mentioned above.

If you’re a fan of lazy hair tricks that still make you look lovely, the following are the perfect tips for you.

1. Step up Your Braid Game

When you’re really not sure how to wear your hair one day, try a braid.

We’re not just talking a simple, classic one either. Teach yourself how to do fun, intricate braids like a dutch braid, a fishtail, or a headband braid.

These take a bit of time to learn. But, once you perfect them, they become quick, easy ways to dress up any outfit!

2. Wear More Headbands and Bandanas

What’s faster than doing a braid before you head out the door? Throwing on a headband or a bandana.

There are all kinds of styles to choose from that you can rock with your regular wardrobe. Some are perfect for warm weather and hot days, while others will keep you warm as you walk down cold city streets.

Wherever you are, one thing is for sure: you can’t go wrong with a cute hair accessory like this.

3. Hats, Hats, Hats

If you’re more of a hat girl than a bandana person, rock your baseball caps and fedoras with no shame!

Such looks are other fun ways to turn any other hair day into an excuse to tie your outfit together. Hats go great with a dressed-down, leggings and a t-shirt type of day, or as the final piece for your brunch outfit to look perfect.

It just depends what kind of look you’re going for and the type of hats you have in your wardrobe.

4. Try Hair Treatments

Are you seriously sick of only having straight hair? Have you tried absolutely everything to get a little more volume or just some natural waves?

If you’re running out of ideas, consider trying what a hair treatment can do for you. Although there are more straightening than curling options out there, some things, like a perm, are still available.

Keep in mind these will have long-lasting results. Talk to your stylist about all your options before you commit.

Straight Haired Styling Inspiration from Celebrities

Whenever your straight haired struggles really get you down, remember this: they happen to everyone! You’re not the only girl who wishes her hair would hold a curl or have a little more volume.

On the flip side, there are plenty of ladies with curly hair who wish they had what you have. It’s all about perspective.

Turn your hair frustrations into a little bit of inspiration to try something new. Maybe what you really need is a different cut or color to have fun with your hair again.

For inspiration on what to do with your new style, click here for some awesome celebrity hair transformations.