20 Tried and True Tips on How to Have Healthy Hair

Who doesn’t want shiny, beautiful hair?

Of course, we could all stand to have year-round gorgeous locks.

Unfortunately for most of us, this isn’t something that just happens naturally. We have to work for healthy, great-looking hair. And, there are a few things that get in the way.

Along with regular daily damage from products and styling, summer tends to bring its own set of unique issues that can wreak havoc on our hair. When the weather heats up, hair can react in all kinds of unruly ways.

Some of us combat frizz, while others worry about seasonal hair loss, which, according to research, tends to worsen during warmer months.

Want to know how to have healthy hair that doesn’t lose its luster when summer rolls around?

Read on for the secrets to keeping your hair strong and beautiful all year long!

How to Have Healthy Hair that Lasts All Summer

The sun, heat, humidity, salt water, and chlorine can quickly take their toll on your mane. When summer arrives, your thick, beautiful hair can start to fall flat, quick.

But, summer doesn’t have to ruin your healthy hair. In fact, with a little know-how, it can be your hair’s best season yet.

We’ve got the healthy hair tips to help keep your locks strong and shiny even when the temps start to rise.

20 Tips for Sexy, Shiny Summer Locks

There’s a lot of things we love about summer. But, the damage it can cause our hair isn’t one of them.

If you find yourself struggling to maintain your mane in the summertime, don’t despair. Here’s how to have healthy hair, no matter the what the weather brings.

1. The Secret to Suds

It may seem simple enough: lather, rinse, repeat. But, those directions on the bottle can cause your hair unnecessary trauma if you aren’t careful.

Hair rarely needs to be washed on a daily basis. Unless you are exposing your hair to extra-damaging elements, like chlorine or salt-water, you can usually afford to skip a day between washes.

In fact, if your hair is brunette or auburn, these hues are their shiniest on the second day after you suds.

According to Clairol Global Creative Director, Marcy Cona, light-colored hair looks glossy when it’s clean, but this doesn’t hold true for less-porous, darker shades.

And, no matter what color hair you have, you risk extra damage when you over-wash. So, save the suds for every other day, at least.

2. Go Natural

Whenever possible, skip the blow dryer and flat-iron, and let your hair air-dry. Hair tools can hasten damage, and high levels of heat will erode the hair’s shaft. It doesn’t hurt to give your hair a break from product build-up every once in a while, either.

Plus, letting your hair air dry can bring out its beautiful natural texture, which makes it a total win-win.

3. Protect Your Hair from the Elements

When you hit the beach, cover your hair with a protective coating. Coconut oil works great to protect hair from the sun. And it has a host of additional benefits and uses, as well.

You can also wear an oversized hat while you’re out in the sun. You’ll also help shield your face from damaging SPF rays when you do so, making it a total win-win.

4. Speed Up Styling Heat

When you must dry or style hair with heat, use a heat-activated or quick-drying product to make the process quick. Applying heat for as little time as possible can help to salvage hair health.

You can also coat your hair with a heat styling spray before starting. These are designed to coat and help protect your hair from the heat that it is about to experience.

5. Condition Your Locks

Whenever you do wash your hair, don’t skimp on conditioner. Conditioner is a healthy-hair essential, especially in the summer, when we tend to hold less water than other times of the year.

Like our bodies, our hair needs to lock in hydration during the hottest months.

6. Go for a Trim

One way to keep the dead-ends at bay is to make sure that you get regular trims.

During the summer months, hair grows faster than the other seasons of the year. Trimming the ends is unlikely to cause much of a difference during this season. It’s best to trim once in the middle of the season and at summer’s end.

7. Keep it Dry

When hair gets wet, it causes swelling from the inside. Over time this increases the risk of breakage.

If it’s avoidable, don’t get your hair wet when you go for a dip in the pool or ocean to keep damage to a minimum. Try wrapping it up or putting on a sun hat to help you remember.

8. Take Care of Your Scalp

A healthy scalp helps keep strands healthy as well.

If you have any signs of scalp-damage, consult your doctor. Sometimes, dry scalp or dandruff can be a symptom of something more severe.

Vitamin E can combat drying elements by keeping your scalp moisturized and healthy. There are also many shampoos and conditioners specifically designed to help dandruff sufferers reclaim their hair health.

9. Hands Off

During the summer, hair tends to shed naturally. If you are constantly running your hands through your hair, it can speed up hair loss. Adopt a hands-off policy to keep hair growing full and thick.

You might find that keeping it pulled up or back and away from your face makes you less likely to touch it. This is especially true overnight. If your hair is in your eyes, you’re more likely to brush it back, so pull it into a loose ponytail and be sure to use soft hairbands that won’t promote breakage.

10. Trade in Your Towel for a Tee

Believe it or not, drying your hair with a soft tee is better than towel-drying your mane. The texture of a bath towel can be rough on your hair. Instead, try a soft, organic tee to maintain softness.

Remember to gently squeeze your hair to get the water out and avoid the urge to scrub it back and forth. Doing so can cause breakage and frizz.

11. Don’t Over-Brush

You may have heard that brushing your hair one hundred times can help it grow long and lustrous. But, that myth is largely untrue.

Over-brushing hair can cause damage and unnecessary hair loss.

Of course, you want your hair to look its best before you head out in public. So, try brushing once, in the morning, and then leaving it be for the remainder of the day.

12. Treat Your Scalp to a Massage

Massage can stimulate circulation and maintain healthy cells. This applies to your scalp, as well as other parts of your body.

In fact, one study found that a four-minute scalp massage each day increases hair’s thickness. So, treat yourself to one and do your strands some good in the process.

13. Get Plenty of Shut-Eye

Your body needs rest to replenish and rejuvenate. Skimping on sleep can cause your locks to look lackluster.

Doctors recommend that you get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep per night to keep all bodily systems working their best. If you have trouble falling asleep, try turning off your electronics, drinking a cup of chamomille tea, indulging in a warm bath, or listening to calming music.

14. A Vitamin-Rich Diet Keeps Hair Strong

Want strong and healthy hair? A vitamin-rich diet minimizes breakage and stimulates growth.

Some of the best vitamins for hair health include:

  • Zinc
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Protein
  • Copper
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron

Taking a multi-vitamin supplement and eating foods that are rich in these and other vitamins and minerals can have a lasting effect on hair, skin and bone health.

15. Try Overnight Repair for Damaged Hair

If your hair is at risk for over-drying and excessive damage, a once-a-week overnight hydrating mask can work wonders. A good overnight conditioner will mend hair and leave it protected and soft.

If your hair is super-dry, you can up the treatment to twice a week.

16. Use a Natural-Bristle Hairbrush

Natural bristles tend to be less damaging to hair than synthetic bristles.

Brushes with natural wild boar bristles can make thick hair more manageable. Plus, they promote smooth, shiny hair growth by stimulating the scalp’s natural oils. These might cost a little more at the onset, but the return you’ll receive on your investment is well worth the money.

17. Cap It

Although it may not be the most fashionable trend this summer, if you are a heavy swimmer, a swimming cap can be your best best.

Repeated and prolonged exposure to salt-water and chlorine can fast-track hair damage and leave it feeling and looking dry as straw. If you swim regularly, invest in a swimmer’s cap. Your hair will thank you.

18. Don’t Stress

Stress causes our entire bodies to work overtime. Many people respond to stress by fidgeting with their hair. And, even if you don’t, stress can cause hair to fall out and become dry.

If you notice your anxiety levels shooting up, try to decompress with a short walk, calming breaths, or averting your energy from the factors which are causing you stress for at least ten minutes.

19. Tailor Your Hair Products

Choosing the right hair products can make a big difference to your hair health. If you are using moisturizing products on oily hair, your hair may be weighed down and greasy. Similarly, using clarifying products on dry hair can strip it of necessary, natural oils.

If you aren’t sure which products are best for you, consult hair professionals for suggestions. They’ll know just the products you need to get your hair back on track and they can point you in that direction.

20. Choose the Right Style

Last but not least, your hairstyle can easily cause a big difference in the way your hair looks and the way you feel.

The wrong cut and style can make anyone look unattractive.

In the summertime, a lot of people want to shorten their locks. But, before you chop your hair, look for styles that complement your face shape and your features. You can also ask your stylist for recommendations.

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